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Paul Stanley says Kiss reunion with Ace and Peter is impossible

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Paul Stanley says Kiss reunion with Ace and Peter is impossible

Kiss singer and guitarist Paul Stanley said in an interview with Jim & Sam Show that a reunion of the band with Ace Frehley (Original guitarist) and Peter Criss (Original drummer) is impossible.


Paul Stanley says Kiss reunion with Ace and Peter is impossible:

“I think where people go wrong is when they think that things can remain timeless and that time doesn’t take its toll. You may want mom and dad to be back together, but it didn’t work out. And we had amazing moments and amazing times, and we did some phenomenal things together which, look, tie me to them forever. But that’s not the fairy tale; it doesn’t end there.”

“I’ve said before: we couldn’t have been here without Ace [Frehley, guitar] and Peter [Criss, drums], and we couldn’t be here today with Ace and Peter. I think people yearn for something that is — I was gonna say ‘impractical.’ I would say impossible. It’s great to look back on, but it’s not that different than if you break up with somebody and years later you go, ‘Wow. Why did that happen? Let me go back.’ You go back and it’s not the same anymore. And you quickly realize, as we did, why it didn’t work out the first time. That’s why it didn’t work out the second time.”

Paul didn’t like the first three albums

In an recent interview with SiriusXM that he didn’t like the first three albums of the band. The musician said that the band broke only after the live album, that was when people could hear what they really sound live.

“I thought the [first] album sounded pretty crummy. I was never a fan of the first three albums, sonically. You know, we were bombastic – this band live was thunder. On the albums, it sounded a bit rinky-dink to me.”

“I didn’t know how to make it sound better. I knew it wasn’t the way we sounded. To that end, you have to remember that it wasn’t until Kiss Alive! that the band broke. … People would come to see us live and love what they saw, then you’d put the album on and go, ‘That doesn’t sound like the band I saw.’”

“Honestly, I was kind of like, ‘This is awesome – how could I not be excited?’ But the cover – which is iconic at this point – I never saw it until it was printed. We were not in a position as a new band … to call the shots. We had to kind of earn that right. I remember looking at the cover and going, ‘Not what I had in mind.’ And the sound of the album, ‘Not what I had in mind.’” You gotta start somewhere – and to have songs like ‘Strutter,’ ‘Deuce,’ ‘Black Diamond,’ ‘Firehouse,’ it was great. Did it sound the way I wanted it to sound? No. But it was a Kiss album.”

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