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Peter Criss didn’t allow “Beth” to be played in the new Kiss documentary

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Peter Criss didn’t allow “Beth” to be played in the new Kiss documentary

Kiss singer and guitarist Paul Stanley said in an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock that the band’s ex-drummer Peter Criss didn’t gave the permission for the song “Beth”, co-wroted by him, to be played in the film. According to Stanley, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley (Ex-Kiss guitarist) weren’t on the film because they wanted to be paid to participate.


Paul Stanley said about Peter Criss not giving the permission for “Beth” to be played in the new Kiss documentary:

“It’s sad, but that kind of fits into the whole dynamic. We did the best we could. We tried numerous times in all different ways to have them be part of it, but this idea of final editing and money and this and that. … It was like, ‘No, your involvement doesn’t warrant that.’ And who ultimately loses out in a situation like this? They do.”

“I don’t really want to trash those guys. Because we wouldn’t be here today if they hadn’t been in the band. And we wouldn’t be here today if they still were.”

The musician also talked about his chemistry with Gene Simmons:

“What I’m so connected to and like so much about this special is the chemistry and camaraderie between Gene and I. Everybody loves to hear about strife and about conflict, but we couldn’t be closer. We have so much we look back on.”

“His family’s my family. The general feel of some of the other documentaries that we’ve done has been almost like a muscle-car rally, a bigger-than-life, amplified superhero kind of vibe. This, I think, really breaks it down to the human side of it, the people behind it. I, for one, really enjoy Gene and I together. We go back, at this point, 52 years – that’s insanity.”

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