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The musician that Jimmy Page said is a genius


The musician that Jimmy Page said is a genius

The guitarist and producer Jimmy Page first started his career in 1957, when he was still a teenager and it was the beginning of prolific life in the music business. During the next decade he became one of the most famous session musicians in England and ended up joining The Yardbirds from 1966 to 1968.


In the year the group disbanded, Page decided to form his own band. He invited Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham to be part of what was first named The New Yardbirds. But shortly after it was baptized as Led Zeppelin. It was the group that would allow Page to become one of the most influential guitarists in history. Also an accomplished producer, since he produced all the albums the band recorded.

Over the decades, his legacy keeps getting bigger and he talked in interviews about many of his peers. He even mentioned one American artists that in his opinion is a genius.

The musician that Jimmy Page said is a genius

In the early 60s, Jimmy Page was still a session musician in London but he had the chance to meet and play with many famous artists at that time. He played on tracks by Paul Anka, Tom Jones, Donovan and much more.

During those years, the so called “British Invasion” had made the world turn their eyes into the music that was being made in the United Kingdom. But there was also many amazing bands in the United States. They were trying to compete with all the praised groups that came out of England.

One of them was The Beach Boys, that after achieving success as a Surf Rock group, showed the world that they had evolved. Since they could make perfect Pop songs. It all changed with the groundbreaking album “Pet Sounds”, released in 1966. Brian Wilson was the mastermind of that record. He influenced countless artists all over the world and was praised in the following decades for all the amazing work he did in music.

The guitarist Jimmy Page is one of the famous artists who is a fan and already praised Wilson, calling him a genius. “The man’s a genius! Actually, when you hear other people doing his numbers, it makes you appreciate just how good those original songs are,” Jimmy Page said as pointed by Brian Wilson’s official website.

He already performed with The Beach Boys

Curiously, Jimmy Page already played on stage with The Beach Boys in the United States twice. It all happened in 1985, during the fourth of July celebrations in Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

The first show happened in the afternoon and he joined the band on stage to perform Little Richard‘s “Lucille”. During the other show that happened a few hours later he played “Surfin’ USA” and “Barbara Ann”.

In a post on his Instagram, Page recalled what it was like to perform with the American group that day. “On this day in 1985, I played Independence Day with The Beach Boys. Philadelphia and Washington were played on this memorable day. We travelled by train between the two cities. ⁣⁣⁣”
“Mr T. was also on that trip. I became quite friendly with Beach Boy musician Bruce Johnston. It was an honour to meet Brian and Carl Wilson and play with The Beach Boys on this historic day. However, we don’t celebrate July 4th in England,” Jimmy Page said.

Besides his work with The Beach Boys, Wilson also released solo studio albums. He has released 12 solo records and many of them had famous artists as guests. Although he has a prolific career, many times the recordings and tours were affected by his battle with Schizoaffective Disorder and Mild Bipolar Disorder.

He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988 as a member of The Beach Boys. Elton John was the artist who was responsible for their induction. He said in his speech: “They are what America is, a very wonderful place.”

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