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Kiss manager says guitarist Ace Frehley will “show up” on farewell tour

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Kiss manager says guitarist Ace Frehley will “show up” on farewell tour

Kiss longtime manager Doc McGhee said in an interview with Rob’s School of Music that the band’s original guitarist Ace Frehley will “show up” on the band’s farewell tour and the original drummer Peter Criss also might participate.


Kiss manager says guitarist Ace Frehley will “show up” on farewell tour and Peter Criss might too:

“Never say never about anything. Will Ace ever show up? Sure, he’ll show up. Peter hopefully will show up. Everybody’s invited to the party of Kiss.” The musician also reflected on the success of band’s like Kiss, saying: “My philosophy for all my bands [has] always been if you’re the very, very best at what you do, people will come and see you.”

“And if you’re not, they will go see the very, very best. Fucking simple. So what do we do with Kiss? We do a show that, whether you like Kiss or not – whether you’re a Kiss fan or you know one song – you wanna go see this show, because it’s an amazing, entertaining show.”

He continued, saying:

“We don’t go and write songs and try to be Pearl Jam, or try to be Rage Against the Machine, or try to be anything else. We do four chords and bad lyrics, and it fucking works fabulous for Kiss. And we blow shit up. And the collectability of Kiss and the aura around Kiss is monstrous. It’s infectious; it excites me every day.”

“I think Kiss will be one of those things that will go on forever.The avatar situations that we’re doing now, with the NFT programs that we’re doing, with all the different elements that we have at our disposal today and will have tomorrow and the next day.

“I don’t see how this brand of Kiss goes away ever,” he added. “If it’s kept with the respect that it should have for the people that they have, I believe that they will be around forever – much longer than me.”

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