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Jack Bruce, Lemmy Kilmister, Steve Harris and their tips for bassists

Lemmy Kilmister Jack Bruce


Jack Bruce, Lemmy Kilmister, Steve Harris and their tips for bassists

Bass Player magazine compiled quotes of many amazing bassists giving tips for musicians that played the instrument. Some of those were Jack Bruce (Cream), Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead), Cliff Williams (AC/DC), Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) and Les Claypool (Primus).


Jack Bruce, Cliff Williams, Steve Harris and their tips for bassists:

Jack Bruce (Cream)

“I heard James Jamerson, and it turned my electric bass playing around; it turned everybody’s bass playing around. I started striving to play melodies on the instrument; to play lead bass, in other words. That’s what I do now, while maintaining the bass’s function as an anchor.“

Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead)

“I was a guitar player first, so I’m used to playing chords. It’s just like playing the guitar without the top two strings. I just made chords out of what strings I had left. It’s unorthodox, but it works for us.“

Cliff Williams (AC/DC)

“Just listen to who you’re playing with – listen to the others. Too often, it seems younger players are just blasting away on their own. Be part of a unit and listen to other players and what’s going on around you. Persistence is a wonderful thing.“

Steve Harris (Iron Maiden)

Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath)

“I like jazz chords in rock, and I use chords that are usually a no-no for most rock guys – a lot of triads and major sevenths. A minor nine is a very sad yet sexy chord.“

“I never anchor my thumb anywhere. That’s why I wear my bass quite low – I’m playing at arm’s length. It feels comfortable. Some people play with their bass very high up, and that’s fine, but I suppose that would change the sound because you’re attacking with the fingers from the underneath more.“

Les Claypool (Primus)

“When you’re young, jumping around the stage and waving your dick around – ‘Here I am! Look at me go!’ Now we can sit back, play, and experience the music more.“

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