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Creedence’s Doug Clifford 5 favorite songs and albums of all time

Doug Clifford 2020


Creedence’s Doug Clifford 5 favorite songs and albums of all time

Doug Clifford, Creedence Clearwater Revival‘s drummer revealed in an exclusive interview with Rock And Roll Garage his 5 favorite songs and albums of all time. “Music’s always been a medicine and a meditation for me. It doesn’t matter if I’m down or up. It works both ways. We’ve seen some trying times in the last few years, and we can all use some love and magic.”


“I put my heart and soul into the positive messages on this album. This is a good time to share them with the world,” the musician said recently while promoting his new solo album Magic Window.

Doug Clifford and his 5 favorite songs of all time:

Etta James “Roll With Me Henry”

“The first record I bought was “Roll With Me Henry” by Etta James, in 1953. When I heard it I had to hear it again and soon I stayed around waiting by the radio for it to come back up. Trouble was the rotation wasn’t in my favor so I bought it.”

Creedence Clearwater Revival “Born On The Bayou”

“Our CCR song Born On The Bayou is a favorite. Is my favorite because of the groove, the quarter note beat that I play in the song supports it. By taking out four eight notes in the bar, it opens up the guitars and makes them larger than life. The back beats are powerful as well as the kick drums syncopations. And Fogerty’s vocal is great.” Doug Clifford also revealed that “Born On The Bayou” is his favorite Creedence song.

The Beatles “Something”

“I love Something by the Beatles. George Harrison. For years they wouldn’t let him submit songs and this was great.”

Elvis Presley “Hound Dog”

“Hound Dog by Elvis Presley because of that amazing drum part. Very powerful and Elvis was my main influence.”

Little Richard “Lucille”

Little Richard‘s “Lucille” it has the groove that is like a cross cut saw. It’s way powerful, big band in it and LR’s vocal and piano are killer.”

Doug Clifford reveals his 5 favorite albums of all time:

Steve Winwood “Back In The High Life”

“This album came out in a similar time frame to when I was recording Magic Window. I’ve always been a fan of Steve Winwood, and Traffic’s song “I’m a Man” I covered on my first solo album Cosmo in 1972. “Higher Love” and “Freedom Overspill” are great tracks. He did “Split Decision” with Joe Walsh whom I love as well and it was different, a fresh breath of air for the album and I really liked that.”

The Beatles “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”

“They changed the world of music with this one.”

Pink Floyd “Dark Side Of The Moon”

“Just a classic album, one that will live for centuries.”

Little Richard’s “Greatest Hits”

“He was in my formative years and I learned a lot of drumming from his recording band. The drummer was Earl Palmer.”

Rolling Stones “Aftermath”

“I loved listening to this album when I was in college.”

Aretha Franklin “I Never Loved A Man The Way That I Loved You”

“One of the greatest if not greatest female vocalists of all time.”

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