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What is Mick Jagger’s favorite Punk Rock band

Mick Jagger


What is Mick Jagger’s favorite Punk Rock band

The Rolling Stones vocalist since 1962, Mick Jagger saw many bands and Rock and Roll sub-genres appear and transform music, including Punk Rock. Even though many rock stars didn’t liked the genre, some like Mick Jaggers liked a few bands that appeared with the movement and Jagger was one of them. In an interview with Vevo back in 2011, he revealed which Punk Rock band is his favorite.


The genre appeared in the mid-70s and changed the whole Rock and Roll scene with faster and shorter songs, being criticized by many musicians of that time. Especially because many of the members of the Punk bands couldn’t really play their instruments well like the other Rock Stars of that era.

What is Mick Jagger favorite Punk Rock band

“The sort of punk scene in New York, you know, you had the Ramones and you had the New York Dolls, but they didn’t really play that kind of music. It was more of a glam look. New York was sort of different than what the Sex Pistols were putting out. I mean, my favorite band of that period, was the Clash, definitely. They definitely had a dance sensibility, as well as a rock sensibility,” Mick Jagger said.

The Clash guitarist used to stalk Mick Jagger

In an interview with The Guardian back in 2016, The Clash guitarist Mick Jones made a funny revelation: When he was about 12 he used to stalk Mick Jagger and once watched the Rolling Stones vocalist eat his dinner in the basement: “When I was about 12, a group of us from Strand grammar school used to go down to Chelsea and hang around outside Mick Jagger’s house, 48 Cheyne Walk.”

“One day he was sat eating dinner in his basement. And because we were gazing down through the railings like Dickensian urchins, he gestured theatrically with his fork for a blind to be closed. We moved sideways to the next window and then he gestured with his fork again. Later, when the Stones were playing in town, we’d go down to Tramps afterwards and wait for them to arrive. Then (we would) jump on the back of the entourage and say “We’re with Billy Preston”. We were mad for bands and drinks.”

The band

For most of their recording career, The Clash’s line-up was formed by Joe Strummer (Vocals and guitar), Mick Jones (Guitar), Paul Simonnon (Bass) and Nicky “Topper” Headon (Drums).

Their sound mixed Punk with Reggae, Dub, Funk, Rockabilly and Ska, making them one of the most important Punk Rock bands that mixed other genres. They were an important influence to many bands that appeared especially in the 80s and 90s.

Back in 2004, Rolling Stone magazine ranked The Clash number 28 on their list of the “100 Greatest Artists Of All Time“.

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