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The artist that Rush’s Geddy Lee said is underrated

Geddy Lee


The artist that Rush’s Geddy Lee said is underrated

Formed in Toronto, Canada back in 1968, Rush is one of the most influential Progressive Rock bands of all time, being one of the first to mix that kind of music with Hard Rock. Geddy Lee is one of the most fundamental parts of the group’s sound since besides being the frontman, he also played the bass and keyboards.


He always had a broad musical taste, which provided him the inspiration to experiment many different things with Rush. Over the decades he talked about many artists no one could imagine he liked and he even mentioned one that according to him doesn’t get the credit she deserves.

The artist that Rush’s Geddy Lee said is underrated

Over the decades, music has evolved and transformed, just like the audience consuming it. Music genres emerged and blended, creating unique artists who truly couldn’t be compared to those who came before, both in terms of their sound characteristics and their compositions.

And it was in the 90s that an artist released her first studio album and caught Geddy’s attention . During that decade her career took off, making her famous worldwide and not only in Iceland, the country she was born.

In an interview with The Quietus in 2012, the Rush frontman listed some of his favorite albums of all time. One of them was Björk‘s “Post” released in 1995, which had the hit “Army of Me”. Explaining his admiration for her, the musician even said that she deserved more recognition.

“This is probably the most surprising album on this list. I know, it is hard to see any connection between Rush and Bjork. Maybe there isn’t one. But I don’t think she gets the credit that she deserves.”

He continued:

“Journalists tend to focus on the things she says and does and, of course, what she is wearing. She is a very visual artist so perhaps that is understandable. But people tend to forget just what a fantastic and truly original artist she really is.”

“She is not afraid to try new things, either. In fact she thrives on it. It would have been very easy for her to have gone the pop route and built on her hit singles. There must have been pressure for her to do that but it is not what she is about. Just great music powered by an immense imagination.

Although Björk’s 1993 album called “Debut”, is considered her debut album, the first record she made was the self-titled album released in 1977, when she was only 12. It’s not considered the first record of her career because it was a mix of covers translated to Icelandic and songs written by her stepfather.

Lee once revealed which is one of his favorite songs from Björk

Geddy Lee is really a fan of Björk’s work and back in 2000 when he was promoting his solo album “My Favorite Headache”, the musician praised her in an interview with Global Bass Online in 2000. He even revealed that one of his favorite songs from her discography was “State Of Emergency”.

He was asked by the interviewer which songwriters made the hair of his arm stand-up and he mentioned her.

“If I hear ‘State of Emergency’ by Björk, that really blows my mind. It’s a brilliant song, she’s awesome. She is not for everyone’s taste, but she is damn well for my taste, I love her. She is a real artist. She’s deeply talented and her voice is as compelling as any voice as I have ever heard,” Geddy Lee said.

Besides being a musician, Björk is also an actress. She appeared in the movies: “The Juniper Tree” (1990), “Dancer In The Dark” (2000), “Drawing Restraint 9” (2005) and “The Northman” (2022).

In the music business, she had a lot of success and several of her albums have reached the Top 20 on the United States Billboard 200 charts. In 2018 she had already sold an estimated amount of more than 22 million records worldwide. Since 1993 she has released 10 studio albums, the most recent one being “Fossora”, released in 2022.

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