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Rock stars pay tribute to photographer Mick Rock dead at the age of 72

Mick Rock

Classic Rock

Rock stars pay tribute to photographer Mick Rock dead at the age of 72

The famous British Rock and Roll photographer Mick Rock died at the age of 72, the news was shared by his family on his official social networks that didn’t revealed the death cause. Known as “The Man Who Shot The 70s,’ Mick photographed during his career names like David Bowie, Ozzy Osbourne, Lou Reed, Freddie Mercury, Iggy Pop, Bob Marley, Brian Johnson, Bryan Ferry, Sex Pistols, Debbie Harry, Genesis, Hall & Oates, Grateful Dead, Joan Jett, Johnny Winter, Mötley Crüe and many more.


In 2017 the documentary “SHOT! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of Rock” about Mick was released.

The official statement of the death of Mick Rock said:

“It is with the heaviest of hearts that we share our beloved psychedelic renegade Mick Rock has made the Jungian journey to the other side. Those who had the pleasure of existing in his orbit, know that Mick was always so much more than ’The Man Who Shot The 70s.’ He was a photographic poet — a true force of nature who spent his days doing exactly what he loved, always in his own delightfully outrageous way.”

“The stars seemed to effortlessly align for Mick when he was behind the camera; feeding off of the unique charisma of his subjects electrified and energized him. His intent always intense. His focus always total. A man fascinated with image, he absorbed visual beings through his lens and immersed himself in their art, thus creating some of the most magnificent photographs rock music has ever seen. To know Mick was to love him. He was a mythical creature; the likes of which we shall never experience again.”

“Let us not mourn the loss, but instead celebrate the fabulous life and extraordinary career of Michael David Rock. While you do so in your own way, we must ask that the privacy of his nearest and dearest be respected at this time. Therefore, there will be no further comments.”

Musicians react to Mick Rock’s death

Brian May (Queen)

“Sad and shocked to hear of the passing of our friend, photographer Mick Rock – who clicked his shutter to capture that iconic image of us for the QUEEN II cover in 1974, at a time when we were NOT very big stars. The Marlene-Dietrich style lighting applied to the four of us (only ONE light source above for the whole group) gave us an enduring image, inspired part of the ‘look’ of our Bohemian Rhapsody video a couple of years later, and has been widely imitated by others over the years since then. Mick did much memorable work for David Bowie, and produced images both in the studio and in the live situation. His ouvre will definitely shine on. RIP Mr Rock. Bri”

Sharon Osbourne

“We lost a legend, a true artist Mick Rock Camera with flash His work will live on forever. All our love and respect to his family.”

Lenny Kravtiz

“I am saddened by the passing of my friend and photographer, Mick Rock. Mick took some of the most legendary photos in rock n’ roll history. These pictures that graced album covers, posters that plastered my walls, gave me fuel to dream.”

Johnny Marr (The Smiths)

“Goodbye for now my friend and comrade Mick Rock. The visionary poet.”

Rory Gallagher

The social networks of the late guitarist Rory Gallagher also lamented the death of the photographer, saying:”RIP Mick Rock. The legendary photographer passed away yesterday, our deepest condolences to his family and friends. Mick and Rory struck up a friendship at the beginning of Rory’s solo career, with Mick shooting the covers of Rory’s first three albums.”

Debby Harry/Blondie

“Mick Rock and Shepard backstage at a Blondie gig. Besides being a great photographer, Mick got access to everyone because he was such a sweetheart charming motherfcker. RIP Mick, another loss for the music world”.

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