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Rob Halford reveals his “dream band” with musicians that died

Rob Halford

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Rob Halford reveals his “dream band” with musicians that died

Legendary Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford revealed his “dream band” composed by musicians that already died. He talked about that in an interview with Revolver, also talking about the first time he saw Metallica and his relationship with Uriah Heep.


About his “dream band” composed by dead musicians, Rob Halford said:

“This is fun, it’s kind of morbid but it’s fun. I lost so many friends; we’ve all lost so many friends, we in the music business world, over the years.

“Here’s a band off the top of my head: I’d have Ronnie [James Dio] on vocals, might be along with [AC/DC’s] Bon Scott, and how about Jill Janus from Huntress, and Lemmy [Kilmister] on bass, of course.

“And Steve [Clark], you know Steve from Def Leppard, he was a great guitar player, really solid rock-bluesy player. That would be a band to remember.”

About his memories with Uriah Heep, Rob Halford revealed:

“We had Uriah Heep with us [as the opening act on tour], best memory, it’s just a mixture of relief that you’re coming to the end of something that was a really massive endeavor that involves so many people in so many ways.

“Making the shows work night after night, primarily the crews, of course, that put the shows together, we’ll talk a little bit more about the crews shortly. Yeah, it’s just a feeling of accomplishment.

“I mean, Priest, as we launch into our 50th anniversary, all these things are going through your mind, the shows and the tours you’ve played for such a long time… And we’re still getting the blast, we live in the best times ever, we’re seeing all of your glorious fans that keep you alive and support you, it’s just absolutely mind-blowing.”

About Metallica and the first time he saw them, Rob said:

“As a fan, I went to go and see Metallica play in Arizona, that was a blast. I’ve known those guys forever, I went with my other half, Thomas, and a good friend of ours who is a police lieutenant, James.

“It was great to see the band because, you know, if you, by the grace of God and good luck and fortune and hard work and slugging at it, you get to all these different levels, and Metallica went about as far as you can, and still are at it.

“Their shows are gigantic. If you’ve seen them – big production. And it must be a nightmare for them like it is for us to try and pick a setlist, but their setlist was a combination of the ones that we want to hear plus the new stuff, I think it was a great show.”

About Judas Priest’s last concert, he said:

“That was Vegas, and it was the end of the ‘Firepower’ tour that went around the world three times, I think we did over 100-and-something shows, played to a bazillion Priest family metalheads, it was absolutely amazing.

“They’re all great, every show is different, every show is never identical because that’s what rock ‘n’ roll is about; you never get two shows exactly the same, so they’re all amazing.”

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