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Paul McCartney recalls that the first time he tried weed was with Bob Dylan

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Paul McCartney recalls that the first time he tried weed was with Bob Dylan

Paul McCartney recalled in an interview with Adam Buxton podcast that the first time he smoked weed was with Bob Dylan, when the Folk Rock musician visited The Beatles during their American tour back in 1964.


Paul McCartney recalls that the first time he tried weed was with Bob Dylan

“I remember it pretty well. We were staying in that hotel, and I think we were on tour. So we were all together in the hotel suite; we were having a drink, and then Bob arrived. We said ‘hi,’ and he vanished into a back room, one of the rooms off the suite. So we just carried on … but Ringo went back to see him.”

Ringo returned a few minutes later, “looking a little bit dazed and confused,” he continued. “We said, ‘What’s up?’ He said, ‘Oh, Bob’s smoking pot back there.’ We’d never had it. So we said, ‘What’s it like?’ Ringo said, ‘Well, the ceiling feels like it’s coming down a bit.’ We go, ‘Whoa!’ And we all just dashed in the back room to partake of the evil substance. That was quite an evening. It was crazy. It was great fun.”

McCartney III

Paul McCartney released his new album “McCartney III”. The musician recorded the album all alone during quarantine, playing all the instruments. The record is a “sequel” to McCartney and McCartney II, created only by the 78-year-old musician at critical moments in his life, in the 1970s and 1980s, when he was looking for a creative renaissance.

“I was living lockdown life on my farm with my family and I would go to my studio every day. So i had to do a little bit of work on some film music and that turned into the opening track. Then when it was done, I thought, What will I do next? I had some stuff I’d worked on over the years. But sometimes time would run out and it would be left half-finished. So I started thinking about what I had.”

“Each day I’d start recording with the instrument I wrote the song on and then gradually layer it all up. It was a lot of fun. It was about making music for yourself rather than making music that has to do a job. So, I just did stuff I fancied doing. I had no idea this would end up as an album.”

“McCartney III” Tracklist

  1. ‘Long Tailed Winter Bird’
  2. ‘Find My Way’
  3. ‘Pretty Boys’
  4. ‘Women And Wives’
  5. ‘Lavatory Lil’
  6. ‘Deep Deep Feeling’
  7. ‘Slidin’’
  8. ‘The Kiss Of Venus’
  9. ‘Seize the Day’
  10. ‘Deep Down’
  11. ‘Winter Bird/When Winter Comes’

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