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Michael Schenker explains why he refused to join Deep Purple and more

Michael Schenker Deep Purple

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Michael Schenker explains why he refused to join Deep Purple and more

Ex-Scorpions and UFO guitarist Michael Schenker explained in an interview with The Metal Voice the reason why he refused to join Motörhead, Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple when he was invited by those bands.


Michael Schenker explains why he refused to join Deep Purple and then talks about Thin Lizzy and Motörhead:

“In 1993, I got a phone call, I was the first person to be chosen. You have to remember me and Ritchie Blackmore have so many parallels. Everyone that leaves Ritchie Blackmore joins the Michael Schenker. It’s the funniest thing.”

“There was always a conversation in Deep Purple and Ozzy. That’s why Ozzy called me up and asked me to join. I was always the first choic. But I declined and I must say I’m the kid in the sandbox just enjoying playing.”

“When I get these offers from Thin Lizzy, Motorhead I always decline because I don’t want to copy, I want to do pure self expression. I declined all these bands because I had the vision of focusing on pure expression. I cannot follow a bunch of people looking for something that I have already finished with. My own vision is more important.”

He also didn’t called The Rolling Stones back when he was invited to join them:

In an interview on Appetite for Distortion back in 2019, Schenker said he was invited to be a member of The Rolling Stones back in the 70s before Ronnie Wood. However, he didn’t returned the call.

“I got phone-called to get an audition for The Stones, and I was shocked – I never called them back. Ronnie Wood got the job, and I never knew he was a Michael Schenker fan. He introduced his whole family to me as we played in ’83 and told people, ‘I’m a Michael Schenker fan’ and stuff.”

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