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Glenn Tipton reveals how he relaxes when he is not with Judas Priest

Glenn Tipton


Glenn Tipton reveals how he relaxes when he is not with Judas Priest

Legendary Judas Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton revealed in an interview with Metal Hammer how he relaxes when he is not with Judas Priest and also if he has any musical ambitions for the future.


Glenn Tipton reveals how he relaxes when he is not with Judas Priest

“One thing I’ve become very good at is flying model airplanes and destroying them. Not deliberately, but I do have this heavy metal knack of crashing them all the time. But my real passion away from music has to be fishing. I definitely prefer the countryside to the city.”

“Everywhere I go in the world, I have mates with whom I just go out fishing. It’s something that relaxes and thrills me at the same time. Whether it’s salmon, trout or whatever, any type of fishing appeals to me, and to be able to go into the country, turn off the phone and get away from the life of being rock musician just for a few hours is my favourite hobby.”

Do you have any musical ambitions left to fulfil?

“I’d like to produce a band one day. If I come across one that excites me, then I can certainly see myself doing something like that. But there is another ambition I have, and I’m not sure I have ever spoken about this to anyone before. I love films, and one of the great things for me is the way you can take a scene and put it to music to create magic. I would never be bold enough to suggest that I’m capable of scoring an entire movie, but what I’d like to do is get involved with a film, and be able to come up with some music for it.”

“I’ve been lucky enough anyway to have done so much in my career to date. When I look back at what I’ve been part of for so long and what Priest have achieved, it makes me feel as if I’ve been so fortunate. Mind you, I’m still only 25, so there’s plenty of time for a lot more to happen!”

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