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“Ace Of Spades” version with Phil Anselmo and Gary Holt is released

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“Ace Of Spades” version with Phil Anselmo and Gary Holt is released

The first song of the upcoming Motörhead tribute album “Löve Me Förever” made by Psycho Waxx label was revealed. The famous track “Ace Of Spades” was covered by Phil Anselmo (Pantera) and Gary Holt (Exodus, Slayer), Kelley Juett (Mothership), Sacha Dunable, Tom Polzine (Howling Giant), Nick Oliveri, Dwid Hellion (Integrity), Kyle Juett (Mothership), Chuck Garric (Alice Cooper) and Zach Wheeler (Howling Giant).


Other bands that will also play on the album are King Dude, Stöner, Lord Buffalo and Relaxer. The record will be out next June 19.

Watch the “Ace Of Spades” version with Phil Anselmo and Gary Holt is released

Album tracklist

  1. King Dude “Killed by Death”
  2. Stöner “R.A.M.O.N.E.S.”
  3. High on Fire “Iron Fist”
  4. Cephalic Carnage “Order / Fade to Black”
  5. Eyehategod “Motörhead”
  6. Lord Buffalo “God Was Never on Your Side”
  7. Howling Giant w/ Chuck Garric, Kyle Juett & Calico Cooper “Love Me
  8. Like A Reptile”
  9. Mothership “Bomber”
  10. Foie Gras “Born to Lose”
  11. Psychlona “Iron Horse”
  12. Blackwater Holylight w/ Matt Pike “Please Don’t Touch”
  13. Creeping Death”In the Name of Tragedy”
  14. The Bridge City “Sinners Go to Hell”
  15. Exhorder “Sacrifice”
  16. Death by Stereo “Born to Raise Hell”
  17. Midnight “Dirty Love”
  18. Relaxer “America”
  19. Phil Anselmo / Gary Holt / Kelley Juett / Sacha Dunable / Tom Polzine / Nick Oliveri / Dwid Hellion / Kyle Juett / Chuck Garric / Zach Wheeler “Ace of Spades”

About the upcoming record, Psycho Waxx label said: “In honor of Psycho Las Vegas’ patron saint, Lemmy Kilmister, we proudly announce the first Psycho Waxx release.”

“In momentous homage to our patron saint, Psycho Waxx is putting together a double album of Motörhead tracks by some of Psycho Las Vegas 2021’s biggest bombers, being cut during the fest at National Southwestern Recording in downtown Vegas.”

“That’s right, the very same artists melting your eardrums during the festival weekend are hitting the studio to lay down their love in tribute to the immortal impact of Mr. Kilmister and crew on the rock we live and breathe.”

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