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What Glam Rock drummers from the 80s look like nowadays

Glam Rock drummers from the 80s nowadays


What Glam Rock drummers from the 80s look like nowadays

The 80’s were a magical time for Glam Rock. The musicians mixed their look with music. Many weird clothes, make-up and hairspray. The genre was big especially in the United States in the early 80s until it was killed by Grunge in the early 90s. Many drummers got famous back then, but they kept their glam style after that? Some of them, but almost all of them are different nowadays.


What Glam rock drummers from the 80s look like nowadays:

Tommy Lee (Mötley Crüe)

Tommy Lee now and then

Tommy Lee was born in 1962 in Athens, Greece. His father David Oliver Bass, was a military man in the American Army. And his mother Vassiliki Papadimitriou, in 1957. Miss Greece competitor. His family moved to California a year after his birth. He received his first drum when he was four and his first drum kit when he was a teenager.

He participated in almost all albums of the glam rock band. The only album that was not present in the band was “New Tattoo” (1999). During this time he was arrested for problems with his last wife, the actress Pamela Anderson who with him had 2 children. After the launch and tour of “New Tattoo”, Mötley Crüe took a break from work. Returning with a 2005 tour tour named “Carnival Of Sins”.

Tommy Lee released recently a rap solo album and will be on Mötley Crüe’s reunion tour in 2021.

Rikki Rockett (Poison)

Rikki Rockett was born August 8, 1961 and is known for being Poison‘s drummer. Before creating the band with vocalist Bret Michaels, Rockett worked as a hairdresser, lifeguard, dishwasher, emergency medical technician and a suit salesman.

The band has sold more than 45 million records worldwide and 15 million records in the United States alone. Rockett will be playing with Poison in 2021.

Steven Sweet (Warrant)

Steven Sweet now and then

Steven Sweet was born in October 29, 1965 in Wadsworth, Ohio, United States. He is famous for being Warrant‘s drummer. Before joining the band he was in the also glam metal band Plain Jane with Jani Lane (That would become Warrant’s vocalist). He still tours with the band.

Rob Affuso (Skid Row)

Rob Affuso now and then

Rob Affuso was born March 1, 1963, Newburgh, New York. He is known for being Skid Row‘s drummer on the group’s original lineup. He left the band in 1996 and formed the band Soulsystem.

Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot)

Frankie Banali now and then

Frankie Banali was born November 14, 1951 and is known for being Quiet Riot’s drummer and nowadays the only original member of the band. He also played with W.A.S.P, Billy Idol also being briefly a tour member of Faster Pussycat and Steppenwolf.

The musician battles since the last year against a pancreatic cancer stage IV.

Mick Brown (Dokken)

Mick Brown now and then

“Wild” Mick Brown was born September 8, 1956 and is known for being Dokken‘s drummer. He also played with Ted Nugent, Lynch Mob, and Xciter. On Dokken he replaced Gary Holland, who left the band to join Dante Fox and later Great White.

Greg D’angelo (White Lion)

Greg Dangelo now and then

Greg D’Angelo was born 18 December 1963, in Brooklyn, New York. He was White Lion’s drummer replacing Nicky Capozzi.

After leaving the band he was Ace Frehley’s drummer and Lynyrd Skynhead He recently participated in the bands Greg Leon Invasion and the solo project of the singer of the band Ratt, Stephen Pearcy.

Fred Coury (Cinderella)

Fred Coury now and then

Fred Coury was born October 20, 1967, in Johnson City, New York. He was Cinderella‘s drummer.

At age 6 he participated in his first public performance. Between the ages of 7 and 9 he studied at the Beirut Conservatory of Music in Beirut, Lebanon. At age 10 he added the trumpet to his repertoire. Finally, at age 12 he started to play the drums. By the age of 13 he was playing local bars with the band Sunjammer.

Blas Elias (Slaughter)

Blas Elias now and then

Blas Elias was born August 18, 1967. He is the original Slaughter drummer, also playing the instrument for the Las Vegas production of Blue Man Group. In addition, he toured with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in the winters of 2017 and 2018. In 2019 he returned to the glam rock band Slaughter

Audie Desbrow (Great White)

Audie Desbrow now and then

Audie Desbrow was born May 17, 1957. He is known for being Great White‘s drummer. He joined the band in 1986 and remained a member until 2000 and came back in 2006 and continues to tour and record with the band.

Steve West (Danger Danger)

Steve West now and then

Steve West was born May 30, 1964 and is a drummer and main lyricist of  Danger Danger.

Before joining the band he was in the Hotshot with original Danger Danger lead vocalist Mike Pont and bassist Bruno Ravel.

Steve Riley (WASP)

Steve Riley now and then

Steve Riley was born January 22, 1956 in Revere, Massachusetts and was WASP and L.A Guns drummer.

After graduating high school in the 70’s, Riley moved to Los Angeles to pursue a music career and in 1979, he joined a revival of Steppenwolf, but the lineup broke up later that year.

Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger)

Kelly Keagy Night Ranger now and then

Kelly Keagy was born Glendale September 15, 1952 and is known for being Night Ranger’s drummer and vocalist. His voice is on several hits of the band like “Sister Christian”, “Sing Me Away” and “Sentimental Street”.

Bobby Blotzer (Ratt)

Bobby Blotzer now and then

Robert John Blotzer was born October 22, 1958 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is known for being Ratt‘s drummer. He began his career playing with Juan Croucier and Don Dokken.

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