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Watch Malcolm Young talking with fans about AC/DC’s song writing process

Malcolm Young talking to fans

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Watch Malcolm Young talking with fans about AC/DC’s song writing process

In this rare video, captured by a fan back in 2009, Malcolm Young chat with fans Edmonton, Canada and gives autograph’s. He is asked about AC/DC’s song writing process.


Check it out what he says:

Malcolm has always been humble and nice to fans as you were able to see. Well, that’s what a true rockstar is, talented and receptive, that’s why he is a true legend.


Guitarist Malcolm Young, one of the founders of AC / DC, died in this Saturday, November 18, at age 64. Malcolm had been suffering from dementia for years. In 2014, he moved away from AC / DC because of that. He died only a month after his older brother George Young (see here).

In 2014, it was announced that Malcolm Young would leave the band to address a health problem, which was later known to be dementia. He was replaced by his nephew Stevie Young.

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