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Vivian Campbell says why he doesn’t have any tattoos

Vivian Campbell playing

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Vivian Campbell says why he doesn’t have any tattoos

Def Leppard and Last In Line guitarist Vivian Campbell was interviewed by Gerry Kelly from BBC Radio Ulster (You can listen to the full chat in the bottom of the post).


They talked about many subjects, and one in particular was very interesting. Campbell was asked how he has managed to avoid getting any tattoos after playing in rock bands for more than three and a half decades.

Read what he said:

Joe Elliot and Vivian Campbell

“I just don’t like that kind of thing. I’ve never been too image-focused, as you can probably tell. [Laughs] It’s always been about the music to me. I’ve never felt comfortable with being called a rock star. I do think of myself as a musician, but I know that, ultimately, I’m an entertainer. That’s what we do — when we go out with Def Leppard, we play songs and we make people happy, I suppose, by reliving their youth, to an extent”.

“I do like to keep challenging myself as a musician and keep growing as a musician, and that’s why I play in so many different projects. So I keep very, very busy, because I generally believe you are what you do, and I always wanted to just be a guitar player in a rock band, so I’ve been very fortunate that I get to do that. And the different projects that I get involved in, they scratch different itches for me.”

Def Leppard 2017

Although he doesn’t have any tattoos, Vivian said that his “teenage brat daughter just got one. ‘Cause she went to college. She’s 18 and I can’t stop her. She started Boton University a couple of months ago, and she casually mentioned on the phone a couple of weeks ago: ‘Dad, oh, by the way, I got a tattoo.’ And she sent me a picture of it.”

Listen to the full talk below:

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