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Uriah Heep’s Mick Box reveals his “favorite” albums of all time

Mick Box


Uriah Heep’s Mick Box reveals his “favorite” albums of all time

In an exclusive interview with Rock And Roll Garage the legendary Uriah Heep guitarist Mick Box was asked to reveal his favorite albums of all time. But, the musician said that he is a Gemini (Zodiac Sign famous for being indecisive) so he couldn’t make that decision, but he could say his “5 favorite albums of the day”.


“Once again, I am a Gemini so what I tell you today will change tomorrow, and to pin it down to 5 favourite albums, is simply impossible. Rather than put myself through the pain I would be happier if it be headed ‘Micks favourite 5 Albums of the day!’ Music is so mood enhancing, and my choice below is based on how I felt in that particular moment, when I picked the album. On that basis, the list which is in no particular order is as follows,” said Mick.

Uriah Heep’s Mick Box reveals his favorite of the day:

Roger Waters “Amused to Death”

“This is a thought provoking and emotional album, that has my favourite guitarist Jeff Beck playing on it. Some parts are so moving and it really gets you thinking, and for sure you cannot just play one track, you have to play the whole album from top to bottom to enjoy the whole flavour of it all. Marvellous well-crafted songs!”

Jeff Beck “Truth”

“This album turned me on to the wah wah guitar pedal, as Jeff made the guitar talk and growl like I had never heard before, as he played one on this album. Rod Stewart is on vocals and he has never sung better and is really in the groove. Ronnie Wood is on Bass Guitar, Micky Waller on Drums and Nicky Hopkins on the piano. Released in 1969 it was mind blowing at the time in the ‘Box’ household, followed in 1970 with ‘Beck-Ola’ taking the whole thing a step further.”

Graham Nash “Songs for Beginners”

“A simplistic minimal album with great song writing and storytelling.”

Neil Young “Harvest”

“Brilliant songs delivered with great feel, great lyrics and played on Acoustic guitar, coupled with Banjo and the occasional Harmonica. My go to album to chill! Neil followed this with the equally brilliant ‘After the Goldrush.’”

Deep Purple “In Rock”

“A magnificent pure Classic Rock album. It has all of the ingredients coupled with the amazing guitar playing of Ritchie Blackmore, who is a long-time favourite of mine. Excitement aplenty, and the fantastic Jon Lord on Hammond, the great feel of Ian Paice on drums and dynamic vocals of Ian Gillian along with the rock steady Bass playing of Roger Glover. They were on top of their game with this album, so it has become a firm favourite of mine.”

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