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Tommy Thayer praises the original Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley

Tommy Thayer


Tommy Thayer praises the original Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley

The American guitarist Tommy Thayer is an official member of Kiss since 2002 when he replaced the original guitarist Ace Frehley. Ace was part of the group from 1973 to 1982 and from 1996 to 2002.


Throughout the years there was a lot of fights between the remaining original members of Kiss with Frehley, but that didn’t stop Thayer to praise the guitar player. He made a list for Guitar World and picked Frehley as one of the guitarists who shaped his sound. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons.

Tommy Thayer praises the original Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley

“Ace obviously was a big, big influence on me and my desire to play guitar. When I started, I discovered Kiss and was immediately drawn to their look, their sound, and most importantly, the guitar playing.”

“Ace played in a Clapton/Page style but made it his own. His guitar solos on the first three albums, plus Kiss’s Alive!, were signature, melodic, and memorable. That’s what makes him and his playing so special,” Tommy Thayer said.

Ace Frehley punched him once

The guitarist Ace Frehley said in an interview with Ryan J. Downey in 2018 that on his final tour with Kiss in 2002 he punched Tommy Thayer. According to him, the reason was because Thayer, who was their tour manager at the time, told Frehley that his girlfriend at the time couldn’t access the dressing room area.

“The only women allowed in the dressing room are the women that dress us… we have a standing rule that no girlfriends or anything are allowed in the dressing room. I had a girlfriend with me… and of course, she always had to wait outside. When Gene’s (wife) Shannon (Tweed) and Paul’s wife came on tour they just pranced around into the dressing room.”

“I let it go, I didn’t make a big deal of out it. On the last day of the tour in Australia, everybody has left the dressing room. So my girlfriend was standing outside so I said, ‘Hey honey come on in, nobody’s here.’ So five minutes later Tommy Thayer comes walking in and goes, ‘Ace, you know the rules: no women in the dressing room.’ I go, ‘There’s nobody here. It’s the end of the tour.’ And he started being authoritative with me, so I gave him a shot,” Ace Frehley said.

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