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Tom Morello releases new song with Alex Lifeson and Kirk Hammett

Tom Morello
Photos from Morello's, Lifeson's and Hammett's Instagram

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Tom Morello releases new song with Alex Lifeson and Kirk Hammett

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello released a new song with Rush’s Alex Lifeson and Metallica’s Kirk Hammett. The tune will be on his new solo album “The Atlas Underground Flood”, the second one released in last than a year, since Morello recently released “The Atlas Underground Fire”. In his Instagram, Morello talked about the new record, saying: “The Atlas Underground Flood finishes what The Atlas Underground Fire started.”


“With Fire & Flood I was inspired by The Clash’s “London Calling”. I sought to make a double album where artistic intent supersedes genre. I aimed to forge a central curated vision to tie together a sonically fearless, wild, and wide ranging musical ambition with a tremendous cast of collaborators. And of course, there are many guitar solos.”

Hear the new Tom Morello song featuring Rush’s Alex Lifeson and Metallica’s Kirk Hammett:

The Clash is Morello’s favorite band

Tom Morello explained in an interview with Classic Rock in 2021 why The Clash is his favorite band of all time, saying: “The Clash are my favourite rock’n’roll band of all time. London Calling was the launching point for my love of the band. Until I discovered punk, I was a heavy metal fan. It was the cover of that album that first piqued my interest and made me think: ‘Who is this great new heavy metal band?’”

“I devoured that record. I could not believe how great it was; it made much of my heavy metal collection seem very silly. It was music I could relate to lyrically much more than the dungeons-and-dragons-type lyrics of my metal forbears. The conviction with which the band played and with which Joe Strummer sang were indescribable.”

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