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Tom Morello releases new single with his son Roman

Tom Morello

Classic Rock

Tom Morello releases new single with his son Roman

The Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello released “Soldier In The Army Of Love“, his new solo song which features his son Roman. The song was written by father and son and will be part of Morello’s first ever full length solo Rock album which will be released in 2024.


Hear the new Tom Morello song “Soldier In The Army of Love” featuring his son Roman


“I’m a soldier in the army of love

Transforming motherfuckers like Saul into Paul
On the road to Damascus at the Westfield Mall
In the maquiladoras and at Carnegie Hall
In the grain elevator making fascists crawl
On the banks of the Volga
Watching Messerschmidts fall

Lunatic on the corner when they’re dropping the ball
On New Year’s Eve We’re taking it all

I’m a soldier in the army of love

Trained to fetch, beg stay and sit
Research suggests you’re all full of shit
Ain’t fixin’ to crawl, I’m fixin’ to spit
Like if Secretariat spit the bit
Like if Joe be Strumming, like if London be Calling
My trumpet’s blaring and Jericho’s falling

A hood and a badge, cash credit or check
But the maid’s got a secret, she’s seeing you next
She sprayed the whole office then mopped up the floor
Black History Month got one chapter more

I’m a soldier in the army of love

Coal in the lungs, lead in the water
The lambs got together led the butcher to the slaughter
I know the girl who set them free and I’m glad they never caught her
Tectonic plates set to shift
Border patrol’ll never catch this riff
Gotta turn your illness to a weapon son
Who needs a weapon when you were born one?

I’m a soldier in the army of love”

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