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The videos and setlist of the last concert Freddie Mercury did with Queen

Freddie Mercury


The videos and setlist of the last concert Freddie Mercury did with Queen

Freddie Mercury is considered by many the best singer of all time. Unfortunately he left us too soon in 1991 at the age of 45. However, his last live concert with Queen was 6 years before in August 9, 1986 at Knebworth House in Hertfordshire. The fans paid £14.50 to £16 for the tickets and could see they playing many classic songs of the album Kind Of Magic, besides the opening acts Big Country and Status Quo.


The setlist of Queen’s last concert with Freddie Mercury:

  1. One Vision
  2. Tie Your Mother Down
  3. In the Lap of the Gods… Revisited
  4. Seven Seas of Rhye
  5. Tear It Up
  6. A Kind of Magic
  7. Ay‐Oh
  8. Under Pressure
  9. Another One Bites the Dust
  10. Who Wants to Live Forever
  11. I Want to Break Free
  12. Impromptu
  13. Guitar Solo (w/parts of “Get Down, Make… more )
  14. Now I’m Here
  15. Love of My Life
  16. Is This the World We Created…?
  17. (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care (Elvis Presley cover)
  18. Hello Mary Lou (Gene Pitney cover)
  19. Tutti Frutti (Little Richard cover)
  20. Bohemian Rhapsody
  21. Hammer to Fall
  22. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  23. Radio Ga Ga
  24. We Will Rock You
  25. Friends Will Be Friends
  26. We Are the Champions

Watch the video of the last concert Freddie Mercury did with Queen:

Loudwire interviewed some fans that were at the concert that day, many of them lamenting that the performance was not officially filmed:

Henry Lytton-Cobbold went to the concert at the age of 20, said: “Can you believe that on Freddie Mercury’s last concert, the great showman, no one actually pressed record? There’s a Dutch bootleg of somebody filming a screen at the back of the audience for the whole show. So there’s a record of it, but no proper film.”

The band’s roadie, Peter Hince also talked about what happened in the backstage that day, recalling that John Deacon smashed his bass into his amp:

“He wasn’t p****d off at his gear, he wasn’t p****d off at me, I don’t know what it was. John acted strangely on that tour. He was doing stuff that was out of character.”

Besides that, a 21-year-old fan of the band was stabbed in the crowd and the paramedics weren’t able to save his life. The news was shared with the band only after the show.

And what’s more, despite a mammoth applause and satisfying ending with the encore of God Save the Queen, the concert was later remembered for something very different. Brian May stated in interviews over the years that he didn’t knew it would be Freddie’s last concert.

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