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The reason why Bon Jovi probably won’t tour in 2024

Bon Jovi


The reason why Bon Jovi probably won’t tour in 2024

Bon Jovi announced their 16th studio album “Forever” which will be released next June 7 but the band probably won’t tour this year to promote the record. The main reason for that is Jon Bon Jovi’s voice, since he had been struggling with some vocal problems during the past years.


The last complete performance of the band happened back in 2022 in Nashville, TN and since then they only played this year in February, during the MusiCares event in Los Angeles, performing the track “Legendary” from their new album and “Livin’ On A Prayer” (With the help of many other artists who were there that night).

There are no tour dates scheduled and sources say that the band would only tour in 2025 after Bon Jovi’s voice recovers. According to the Brazilian journalist José Norberto Flesch, the festival Rock In Rio wanted Bon Jovi for their 2024 edition but they were informed that the band would only tour in 2025.

In an interview with Mix 104.1 Boston, the Jon Bon Jovi said: “I don’t know about a tour. It is my desire to do a tour next year, but I’m just still recovering from a major surgery.”

What Jon Bon Jovi said about his voice

Jon Bon Jovi revealed in an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, the musician talked about the current status of his voice. “I tried everything — everything — to be me on that stage. And I came off on that night in Nashville, and it was the last of the 15 shows. I was like, ‘That was alright, that was pretty good. It was good. Audience is going crazy. It’s good.’ And the greatest truth teller of them all (my wife) said, ‘It wasn’t good.'”

“I could make the crowd do what I want them to do. I happen to be Jon Bon Jovi, I know how to do it. But son of a bitch, my voice was broken. And I had to go and seek someone out for something that’s not commonplace in vocal surgery, and it was scary. So these last couple years have been that journey,” Jon Bon Jovi said.

Called “Forever”, the new Bon Jovi album has 12 tracks and the first song released is “Legendary”. According to the frontman, the track is a tribute to his wife Dorothea Hurley. Besides Jon Bon Jovi, the band is formed by David Bryan (Keyboards, piano), Tico Torres (Drums), Hugh McDonald (Bass) and Phil X (Guitar). They also have two additional touring musicians: Everett Bradley (Percussion) and John Shanks (Guitar).

“Forever” tracklist

  1. Legendary
  2. We Made It Look Easy
  3. Living Proof
  4. Waves
  5. Seeds
  6. Kiss The Bride
  7. The People’s House
  8. Walls of Jericho
  9. I Wrote You a Song
  10. Living in Paradise
  11. My First Guitar
  12. Hollow Man

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