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The Police guitarist Andy Summers says that is not true that old guitars sound better

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The Police guitarist Andy Summers says that is not true that old guitars sound better

Andy Summers, The Police guitarist talked with Music Radar about why he is selling his “57 Gibson Les Paul”.


Read what he said:

“I sold the original for a great deal of money because Gibson gave me another Goldtop that was even better than the 57! It’s all mythology: sometimes old guitars are great but not always. When I realized the new Custom Shop Goldtop was the better guitar, I thought, ‘Fuck!’ and switched over.

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“There’s another Les Paul I own, a red Custom that I bought just walking past a store in Frankfurt. I walked past about five times and thought I just had to buy it because I’d never seen one like it. I probably used it a lot on Circa Zero – sometimes with a project like that, you need a Les Paul to rip one out! It’s a different sound, but great for rock.”

Andy also explained how he regrets selling his Martin D-28 acoustic, saying:

“I don’t have the acoustic I wrote a lot of songs on any more – I sold it to somebody and deeply regretted it.

Andy Summers The Police

“At one point I had so many guitars, I just needed to let some go. No idea why that had to include the D-28! Though I actually have another D-28 – it’s not even Custom Shop; it’s what they call an Authentic Series reproduction of a 1945 D-28.

“And it’s a fantastic guitar. I think it needs to be played for another 25 years to really get to where it could go, but it’s amazing already. Authentic is one more than Custom Shop: everything is cut by hand. They use animal glue, not synthetic glue, which makes a huge difference – you’d be surprised how much of a part glue can play. I have one of the few ever made.”

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