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The most underrated Black Sabbath song according to Geezer Butler

Geezer Butler

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The most underrated Black Sabbath song according to Geezer Butler

The legendary Black Sabbath co-founder, bassist and main lyricist Geezer Butler is currently promoting his autobiography “Into The Void” and the musician was asked by Songfacts which is the most underrated song of the band.


Geezer Butler was part of almost all the albums Sabbath released during their career. He only wasn’t part of the albums: “Seventh Star” (1986), “The Eternal Idol” (1987), “Headless Cross” (1989), “Tyr” (1990) and “Forbidden” (1995).

The most underrated Black Sabbath song according to Geezer Butler

“Maybe ‘Hand Of Doom. I like Bill’s whole drum track on it. It’s totally different to what anybody else was doing. The lyrics were about soldiers coming back from the Vietnam War. That’s what inspired me to write those lyrics,” Geezer Butler said.

That track was part of Black Sabbath’s second studio album “Paranoid” released in 1970. It was overshadowed by other amazing songs like “War Pigs”, “Paranoid”, “Iron Man” and “Faries Wear Boots”.


“Whatcha gonna do?
Time’s caught up with you
Now you wait your turn
You know there’s no return
Take your written rules
You join the other fools
Turn to something new
Now it’s killing you
First it was the bomb
Vietnam napalm
You push the needle in
From life you escape
Reality’s that way
Colors in your mind
Satisfy your time
Oh you, you know you must be blind
To do something like this
To take the sleep that you don’t know
You’re giving death a kiss, oh, little fool now
Your mind is full of pleasure
Your body’s looking ill
To you it’s shallow leisure
So drop the acid pill,
Don’t stop to think now
You’re having a good time baby
But that won’t last
Your mind’s all full of things
You’re living too fast
Go out enjoy yourself
Don’t bottle it in
You need someone to help you
To stick the needle in, yeah
Now you know the scene
Your skin starts turning green
Your eyes no longer seeing
Life’s reality
Push the needle in,
Face death’s sickly grin
Holes are in your skin,
Caused by deadly pin
Head starts spinning ’round
You fall down to the ground
Feel your body heave
Death’s hands starts to weave
It’s too late to turn
You don’t want to learn
Price of life you cry
Now you’re gonna die”

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