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The modern Blues guitarist Glenn Hughes says is the best

Glenn Hughes


The modern Blues guitarist Glenn Hughes says is the best

The former Deep Purple bassist and singer Glenn Hughes has a really prolific career and besides being also part of bands like Trapeze, Black Sabbath and touring and recording a lot as a solo artist, he also was a member of many supergroups. He had the chance to play with many incredible guitarists and also to see many other amazing ones playing over the decades.


In an interview with Guitar Interactive Magazine, the musician revealed who, in his opinion, is the best modern Blues guitarist around.

The modern Blues guitarist Glenn Hughes says is the best

Hughes’ choice is kind of obvious, because he chose Joe Bonamassa, who is a good friend and also his bandmate in the supergroup Black Country Communion. “In my opinion, the greatest rock blues guitar player alive today. You know, you gotta remember, Clapton back in his youth was incredible. You know, we got to be clear about Clapton being blues rock king in the late 60s. As you know, we have to doff our cap to that. But since you’ve got both Vai and Satriani in their world, and Eric Johnson.”

“But in general, when you think blues rock, you think of only one. You think of only one, and it’s Joe. For me, music is one thing, but personality is another thing. When you’re working with – and I’ve worked with some guitar players that are not so nice – but Joseph is a genuinely good, kind man,” Glenn Hughes said.

Joe Bonamassa was born in New Hartford, New York back in 1977 and started his career at the age of 89, when he was still a kid. His solo debut album was released in 2000. The supergroup Black Country Communion, which also has Jason Bonham and Derek Sherinian, had already released five albums.

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