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The day Eric Clapton went into a fire to save his guitars

Eric Clapton fire guitar


The day Eric Clapton went into a fire to save his guitars

Musicians are truly passionate about their musical instruments. Eric Clapton is one of those, that even risked his live to save his guitar. Back in May 25, 1996, the legendary guitarist arrived at his home in London and was surprised that the place was on fire. Clapton’s response was quick. Shortly after notifying the authorities, he ran into the house with the aim of saving his guitars.


About facing the fire to save his guitars, Eric Clapton said at the time:

“The first I knew about the fire was when I came back from a day out, opened the front door and smoke billowed out. The first thing I did was grab my guitars. None of them was damaged.”

Eventually, it was discovered that it was a fire caused by a problem with the electrical connection of the house. He described the event as something “terrible, very terrible”. But only the top floor of his house was affected and the musician left the situation unscathed. The damage to the place was estimated at around three million dollars.

Eric Clapton guitar fire

Eric Clapton’s guitar collection

According to Ground Guitar Eric it’s the owner an amazing guitar collection. Having “some of the most iconic instruments in the history of Rock and Roll”.

“His first guitar was a cheap Kay Jazz II mode. But by 1964 Clapton already moved onto a red Fender Telecaster. Which he used on the majority of the material that he recorded with the Yardbirds. In 1966, he acquired a 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard, nicknamed “Beano-burst”. That would become one of the most iconic guitars of the period. A year later, he started using a Gibson SG Standard, nicknamed “The Fool”, decorated in psychedelic colors and designs.”

“In 1970, Eric had made a big shift, and moved away from Gibson guitars, towards Fender. His first majorly important guitar was a 1956 Fender Stratocaster, also known as “Brownie”. With this guitar, Eric would go on to record “Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs”, before retiring it in 1975 – in favor of another Stratocaster, Blackie.”

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