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The best Prog Rock song of all time according to Steve Lukather

Steve Lukather


The best Prog Rock song of all time according to Steve Lukather

The guitarist Steve Lukather is not only an important part of Toto’s sound but also a respected session guitar player who had worked with from many differente music genres. During his career he had been influenced all kinds of music including Progressive Rock.


In an interview with Classic Rock History (Transcribed by Ultimate Guitar) he shared his love for that kind of music and mentioned the track which in his opinion os the best Prog Rock song of all time.

The best Prog Rock song of all time according to Steve Lukather

One of Lukather’s favorite bands is Yes and in his opinion, the track “Close To The Edge”, from the album of same name released in 1972 is the best Progressive Rock song of all time.

“This is the greatest prog-rock piece ever written, in my opinion. And man, Steve Howe was a hero of mine back then. There was no one like him, and the band was so tight. I saw them live many times in the old days and saw the ‘Close to the Edge’ tour, too. They sounded just like the record, and man, there was no fakery possible than it was in the band, which was very cool.”

“The live production, just everything, the live sound, the album sounds; all of it was insanely cool! This album is truly genius, and everyone shines on it. It’s timeless music!” Steve Lukather said.

Yes was formed in 1968 in London, England and became one of the most influential bands in history. Nowadays, the group doesn’t have original members but has the classic members: Steve Howe (Guitar) and Geoff Downes (Keyboards). The group is also formed by Billy Sherwood (Bass), Jon Davison (Vocals) and Jay Schellen (Drums). Their most recent album “Mirror To The Sky” was released in 2023.

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