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The album that Elton John said is amazing and timeless

Elton John


The album that Elton John said is amazing and timeless

Born in Pinner, Middlesex, England back in 1947, Reginald Kenneth Dwight, who is known as Elton John, certainly changed the course of music when he started his career in the late 60s, releasing many classic and influential albums like “Madman Across the Water” (1971) and “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” (1973).


Those records are often listed as some of the best ever made and are certainly amazing and timeless. But which album Elton himself believes that is amazing and timeless? Well, he once revealed that answer.

The album that Elton John said is amazing and timeless

Elton John was never only focused on his own music or in the music that he heard when he was young, he was and still is an avid music fan and keeps buying new records and trying to discover new artists. Six decades ago, he was doing the same thing when he first discovered The Beach Boys and of course, their groundbreaking and best-selling album “Pet Sounds” is the one that the British musician called “amazing and timeless”.

He said that as pointed out by Brian Wilson’s website. “Pet Sounds is a landmark album. For me to say that I was enthralled would be an understatement. I had never heard such magical sounds, so amazingly recorded. It undoubtedly changed the way that I, and countless others, approached recording. It is a timeless and amazing recording of incredible genius and beauty,” Elton John said.

Released in 1966, “Pet Sounds” had famous tracks like “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”, “Sloop John B” and “God Only Knows”. That record influenced countless artists, including The Beatles, who were then inspired to record “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” in the following year.

Elton John was the one who inducted The Beach Boys into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

It was the British musician who inducted the Beach Boys into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in 1988. The American group were one of the first acts to be inducted and during his speech, Elton said were for him what the United States were: “a very wonderful place to be”.

He said in his speech (Transcribed by Rock and Roll Garage): “As you might possibly guess, I’m English. In England, we sort of had all our own bands and all the American R&B music. But The Beach Boys were the first or the first white band I can remember being in England. If you live in England all you ever wanted to do was going to America and everything you ever dreamed of was American.”

“This band not only wrote great songs, initially writing surf music but they did more than that. As a musician, you graduated from just listening to pop songs to bands that produce new sounds and records. This band were geniuses, they still are. But they made me love America so much more because they existed. I’m not gonna go on about it but to me, they influenced my writing. They are for me what America is: a very, very, wonderful place to be,” Elton John said.

Elton had the chance to perform songs like “Wouldn’t Be Nice” and “God Only Knows” alongside Brian Wilson back in 2001. That happened during an All-Star tribute to Wilson in 2001.

The Beach Boys covered Elton John’s “Crocodile Rock” and even made a music video the version

Back in 1991 an Elton John & Bernie Taupin tribute album was made with many special guests, including The Beach Boys. At the time the band was formed by Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston and Carl Wilson. They covered Elton John’s track “Crocodile Rock” for that album and even made a music video for it.

That tribute album had many other incredible artists like Eric Clapton, Kate Bush, The Who, Sting, Jon Bon Jovi, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, Phil Collins and more.

Brian Wilson curiously said once that he would like to be Elton John

The legendary Beach Boys mastermind Brian Wilson was interviewed by Mojo Magazine in 2021 and they asked them a really curious thing: Who would you like to be if you were not Brian Wilson? The musician chose: Elton John.

“That’s a hard question. I’d have to put Elton John at the top of that list because of his voice and he is great on piano. I admire him as a person too.”

After picking the legendary British pianist, songwriter and singer Elton John, Wilson was asked to name his favorite “Saturday Night Record. Again, he chose an Elton John track. “Anything rock ‘n’ roll is a great Saturday night record, all kinds. I can’t really pin one down. How about ‘Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting’? That’s a good one from Elton,” Brian Wilson said.

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