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The 9 best Brian Johnson (AC/DC) quotes about life

Brian Johnson


The 9 best Brian Johnson (AC/DC) quotes about life

Brian Johnson is one of the most important singers of Hard Rock, especially for being a great replacement for Bon Scott in AC/DC after his death. It’s been 40 years since the musician kickstart his path the band after the release of one of the most successful albums of all time, “Back In Black”. During all these deacades on the road, Brian said many interesting things in interviews and books


Rock and Roll Garage selected 9 of his best quotes about life and music gathered by AZ Quotes website.

The 9 best Brian Johnson (AC/DC) quotes about life:

1 – “Quit putting yourself in a little box by trying to live consistently with your past and explaining every little action you take. BE YOU. Fully. In this moment. Independent of what others may or may not ‘expect’ from you.”

2 – “Live. Love. Smile. Hug. Laugh. Dream. Do. Create. Have fun. Be intense, be audacious, be unreasonable. Act impeccably. Breathe. Be you. Be different.”

3 – “Happiness isn’t some elusive treasure we chase after. It’s a state of being we need to PRACTICE.”

4 – “If people have a passion for anything they tend to get quite good at it.”

5 – “Follow Your Bliss. Not someone else’s idea of your bliss, not what you think should be your bliss. Also not what you think would impress the crowd or appease the family. Your BLISS. What truly gets you giddy.”

4 more best Brian quotes about life:

6 – “Live at your highest potential-moment to moment to moment… When do we feel most alive? When we’re being ourselves-our highest selves.”

7 – “I strongly believe that nothing is more spiritual than living at our highest potential while serving others. I believe that the more closely aligned we are to “spirit” the more fully we will give ourselves in service to the world. As such, my “spiritual path” is the path that leads me to a more complete manifestation of my unique Bodhisattvic duties.”

8 – “If we want happiness, I think we should follow classic Greek wisdom and live with areté. The word directly translates as ‘excellence’ or ‘virtue,’ but has a deeper meaning — something closer to ‘expressing the highest version of ourselves.’ When we’re showing up fully moment to moment, there’s no room for regret/anxiety/disillusionment, just a whole lot of happiness. Here’s to getting our areté on!”

9 – “All the other stuff without love? Not worth a whole lot. Love starts with ourselves and needs to be approached like anything else we want to master-with a lot of diligent studying and practicing!”

Bonus quote

In an recent interview with Rock 100.5 Atlanta, Brian Johnson talked about the worst part of being in the band and he revealed that the privacy is one of the most difficult things in his life:

“Well, look, we’ve got iPhones, cellphones and social media, which I’m not on – I don’t even have a cellphone and iPhone. The privacy bit – because you were always quiet, AC/DC always lived under the radar as it were.”

“All the boys when I joined, lived well-away from the hoopla and the special parties, opening-up things or whatever it is, the boys always kept well below the radar, and that was happy, care-free.”

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