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Study says people should listen to at least 78 minutes of music everyday

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Study says people should listen to at least 78 minutes of music everyday

Study made by streaming company Deezer says people should listen to at least 78 minutes of music everyday. The work was made with the British Academy of Sound Therapy and outlines the type of music and the time required to listen to obtain benefits for physical and emotional well-being.


The research analyzed the relationship between music and health and studied several factors. Including styles, moods and musical genres. The analysis was based on data collected in interviews with more than 7,500 people. Distributed throughout the United Kingdom, United States, France, Germany, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The study also shows that well-being does not depend on the genre. And points out the number of minutes required for each feeling.

Comparing it to the “Recommended Daily Allowance” (RDA – Recommended Daily Allowance):

  • 14 minutes of animated music to make you feel happier (18% of your RDA)
  • 16 minutes of relaxing music to feel more relaxed (20.5% of the RDA)
  • 16 minutes of any song to overcome sadness (20.5% of your RDA music)
  • 15 minutes of motivating music to help you concentrate (19% of the GDR)
  • 17 minutes of any song to help control anger (22% RDA)

Frederic Antelme, vice president of content and production at Deezer, spoke a little about the data, saying:

“Music influences our lives. And at Deezer we try to understand and embrace the relationship that people have with their favorite tunes. Now we’ve been able to go even deeper into that relationship and see how people use music to manage different mental states. It’s a fascinating study. The results offer an idea for how music can be used to manage our emotional and mental health on a daily basis, especially when you have a wide library at your fingertips”

The study found that, on average, people should listen to a minimum of 11 minutes to enjoy its therapeutic benefits. The only exception was happiness. Participants reported feeling happier in just five minutes after listening to happy tracks.

They also reported that they feel more satisfied with life (86%), with more energy (89%) and more willing to laugh (65%) after listening to songs with a ‘good vibes’ footprint.

What about Rock and Roll Music?

Of course, the style also appears prominently in the search. One third of respondents (28%) reported that Rock helps to process feelings of anger, with AC/DC‘s “Highway to Hell”, pointed out as the best choice to listen to.

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