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Stephen Stills says he has no plans to tour anymore

Stehen Stills
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Stephen Stills says he has no plans to tour anymore

The 78-year-old legendary musician Stephen Stills said in an interview with Rolling Stone that he has no plans for touring anymore.


Besides being known for his solo career that had hits like “Love The One You’re With”, “Colorado” and “Pensamiento”, he is also recalled for being a member of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and Buffalo Springfield.

Stephen Stills says he has no plans to tour anymore

“The idea of touring absolutely appalls me. I can’t imagine being on the bus for 14 hours. You can’t take drugs anymore. It’s no longer fun.”

“I have been in a rapid aging process, I wake up (after the pandemic) and realize, ‘Holy Toledo, I’m old.’ (So) I really just do old-man stuff. I tried to take care of myself. I slept a lot and went to the doctor a lot. I’m taking care of myself,” Stephen Stills said.

He also talked about David Crosby’s death

The musician also said that he was shocked but not surprised that his bandmate David Crosby died at the age of 81.

“I’m shocked but not surprised. I love the guy. He was a big force in my life and a towering musician. He was all excited about his new band. Christopher (Still’s son) was in his band, and they were going to get back on the road a little.”

“He just went to take a nap and didn’t come back. When you think about it, it beats the hell out of being in a hospital with people beating on your chest or something,” Stephen Stills said.

The supergroup Crosby, Stills, Nash was formed in 1968 and one year after Neil Young joined the band. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997 by James Taylor.

In 2022, Stephen Stills sold his publishing rights to Irving Arzoff’s Iconic Artists Group.

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