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Research elects the 10 best bands to listen to while driving

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Research elects the 10 best bands to listen to while driving

Driving a car with the perfect song being played is always a great moment. A research made by British car dealer company Perrys, interviewed 1,500 adults to find out which bands they like to hear while driving. According to the company, only 7% liked silence while driving.


The remaining percentage stated that it is “mandatory” that there is music in the car when traveling from one location to another. The age range of the participants was from 25 to 34 years-old.

Research elects the 10 best bands to listen to while driving:

1º – Queen – 4.7%

2º – Ed Sheeran – 2.7%

3º – ABBA – 2.5%

4º – Little Mix – 2%

5º – Coldplay – 1.7%

6º – The Beatles – 1.7%

7º – Oasis – 1.6%

8º – The Eagles – 1.6%

9º – Fleetwood Mac – 1.5%

10º – AC/DC – 1.5%

Driving in traffic is more than just knowing how to operate the mechanisms which control the vehicle; it requires knowing how to apply the rules of the road (which ensures safe and efficient sharing with other users). An effective driver also has an intuitive understanding of the basics of vehicle handling and can drive responsibly.

Although direct operation of a bicycle and a mounted animal are commonly referred to as riding, such operators are legally considered drivers and are required to obey the rules of the road. Driving over a long distance is referred to as a road trip. In some countries, a basic both practical and theoretical knowledge of the rules of the road is assessed with a driving test(s) and those who pass are issued with a driving license.

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