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Pete Townshend wants to do another Who album but Roger doesn’t

Pete Tonwshend and Roger Daltrey

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Pete Townshend wants to do another Who album but Roger doesn’t

The Who was formed more than six decades and since John Entwistle’s death in 2002, the band continued with the vocalist Roger Daltrey and the guitarist, main songwriter and somestimes singer Pete Townshend.


After the 80s, the band only released two studio albums: “Endless Wire” (2006) and “Who” (2019). Since then Townshend said many times that he would love to record a new album and really doesn’t see a point in touring every year without nothing new to play for the fans. However, as he said again in an interview with NME, the band’s singer Roger Daltrey doesn’t want to record a new album. So Pete said that maybe he could write the songs alone and tell Roger that he could sing on them or he would release them as a solo artist.

Pete Townshend wants to do another Who album but Roger doesn’t

“I don’t think there (will be another Who record). If there was a need or a place for a Who album, could I write the songs for it within six weeks? Of course, I fucking could; it’s a piece of cake. The problem is I don’t think Roger wants to do it again. For me, it would be a joy because I love writing songs, I love writing to a brief, I love having a commission, I love having a deadline, and I love the feedback.”

“I was so pleased that the critical response to the last Who album was so positive. I wasn’t expecting that, and I was grateful for it and inspired by it. So where I am at the moment is I’m thinking, well, I might write the songs and then say to Roger, ‘Either you sing on them, or I’m gonna put them out as a solo album,’ and Who fans will love me for it,” Pete Townshend said.

Pete Townshend already released seven studio albums on his solo career and the most recent one is “Psychoderelict” (1993). The Who played a few benefit concerts in 2024 but has no scheduled tour dates for the rest of the year. Meanwhile, Roger Daltrey is touring as a solo artist across the United States.

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