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Paul Di’Anno talks about Iron Maiden royalties and health treatment

Paul Di'Anno
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Paul Di’Anno talks about Iron Maiden royalties and health treatment

The ex-Iron Maiden singer Paul Di’Anno is currently in Brazil finishing his medical treatment after a long tour in the country. He has been struggling with sepsis for several years and in 2022 he made a long awaited knee surgery, he was being helped by friends in Croatia, being treated there.


They were able to arrange a meeting between him and Steve Harris at a Iron Maiden show and then the band announced that they would pay for his remaining health expenses. In an interview with MB Live (Transcribed by Blabbermouth), the singer talked about receiving the royalties from his work with Maiden and about his health treatment.

The musician was the voice of the band on their first two albums: “Iron Maiden” (1980) and “Killers” (1981).

Paul Di’Anno talks about Iron Maiden royalties and health treatment

“The last part of it they did, ’cause I ran of money. [Laughs] It’s been very expensive. ‘Cause when I first got sick, I had to get medevaced from Argentina, which cost me a lot of money, ’cause I had to [be transported] in a private medical plane and all that stuff back. When I arrived in England, I only had 45 minutes to live, with sepsis and that.”

“So they pumped me full of antibiotics. I spent eight months in hospital. So the last bit of the treatment, the band was really cool — they paid for the last couple of months’ worth of treatments, which was good. I’ll be forever grateful for that.”

“I still get royalties. I’ve just signed a deal with Sony Publishing, so they’re getting all my royalties back in to me now. I mean, I’m owed fucking millions. I won’t have to worry about all that, ’cause people keep ripping me off. All these assholes coming out with different…”

“There’s been about four different Battlezone CDs coming out in different formats and vinyl and stuff. I don’t see any of that money. But now we will, ’cause we’ve got Sony Records and Warner Brothers behind us, which is great,” Paul Di’Anno said.

The musician already announced a huge tour in Brazil in 2024.

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