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Mustaine says his relationship with Lars and Hetfield is better now

Dave Mustaine

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Mustaine says his relationship with Lars and Hetfield is better now

Dave Mustaine was a member of Metallica from 1981 until 1983 when he was fired from the group. In that same year they released their debut album and Mustaine formed his own group: Megadeth. Both bands got bigger over the decades and became the most famous Thrash Metal groups in the world. But their relationship was always difficult because it involved a lot of emotions from both sides.


Now in an interview with Consequence, Mustaine said that his relationship with James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich is better than it was before.

Mustaine says his relationship with Lars and Hetfield is better now

“It took a while for James and Lars and I to kind of come around and become friends again. But I would say we’re probably better off now than we’ve been for a long time. And it comes and goes. I think the emotions between all of us, it’s probably understandable for a lot of people who break up with someone, it’s like a marriage and you part ways and sometimes you try and justify in your head the decision that you make.”

“And sometimes the facts are all you need, and other times you feel compelled to kinda tell the story and you don’t really need to. And then there are people who tell the story and then add little salacious facts – like a tape recorder that has a feature to add stuff that never happened. So, I just look at that whole period with Metallica as something that was really great for me. And I wish them the best,” Dave Mustaine said.

Although Mustaine wasn’t part of any Metallica album, he was credited as a songwriter in songs from their first two records, since the band used ideas originally made by him. Kirk Hammett was the musician chosen by the group to replace him at the time.

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