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KK’s Priest releases new song “Reap The Whirlwind”

Kks Priest

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KK’s Priest releases new song “Reap The Whirlwind”

KK’s Priest, the band formed by the ex-Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing with Tim “Ripper” Owens, the also former singer of the band, released “Reap The Whirlwind”, the second single of their upcoming new album “The Sinner Rides Again”.


Their first album “Sermons of the Sinner” was released in 2021 and now the group announced their second record called “The Sinner Rides Again” that will be out next September 29 via Napalm Records.

Hear the new KK’s Priest song “Reap The Whirlwind”

“‘If you sow the wind, you will reap the whirlwind’ — this is a common phrase that has been familiar with me from a very young age. Obviously it’s very meaningful — it’s a warning that if you mistreat people, or really whatever you do in life, you need to be very careful, because whatever sufferance you inflict on anyone, it could come back to haunt you, and your suffering could be even more severe.”

“Everyone knowingly or unknowingly has made the mistake of thinking they can get away with small misdemeanors to suit their selfish pursuits, but if justice is to be served, you will reap exactly what you sow. That is the message of this song,” the guitarist K.K. Downing said.

Next tour dates

October (With Paul Di’Anno)

  • 7 – Birmingham – 02 Institute
  • 8 – Glasgow – SWG3
  • 10 – Nottingham – Rock City
  • 11 – Manchester – 02 Ritz
  • 12 – London – O2 Shepperd’s Bush Empire

The KK’s Priest shows will have tracks from their debut album “Sermons of The Sinner” (2021), from their new album and many Judas Priest classic songs.

Paul Di’Anno’s setlist has songs from the two first Iron Maiden albums, the self-titled released in 1980 and “Killers” from 1981. Di’Anno returned to the stage in 2023 after years struggling with health issues. He did shows in Europe and Brazil and already has many scheduled tour dates for 2024.

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