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K.K. Downing says Tim Owens has the best voice on the planet

KKs Priest

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K.K. Downing says Tim Owens has the best voice on the planet

K.K.’s Priest, the band formed by the ex-Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing just finished their tour in the United Kingdom and released last September their second studio album “The Sinner Rides Again”. In an interview with Masa Ito (Transcribed by Blabbermouth), Downing talked about the band and praised the vocalist Tim “Ripper” Owens, who was Judas Priest’s vocalist from 1996 to 2003.


K.K. Downing says Tim Owens has the best voice on the planet

“Yes, it’s the same. I’m the same — the same, the same ears, the same mind, the same desire for the music and the passion for heavy metal. And I’m proud of all of the fans and everything that we’ve created on this massive lifetime journey. Masses have been there with us — all of the fans, in Japan and the rest of the world, have been on that journey.”

“They’ve seen it all evolve from nothing into something fantastic. I have the same amplifiers, the same guitars, the same equipment. I produce the same sound. I am the same person. I can’t change. Nothing can change that. And my writing style, everything I do, it’s no different. It’s just a variation of everything else.”

He continued:

“The songs, they’re different songs, but everything is the same. To me, it’s the same. I think, yeah, a lot of what I do now could be on ‘Stained Class’ or ‘British Steel’ or ‘Painkiller’ — it all has that synergy. It’s got to, because I am the entity from beginning and I’m never gonna change. The only difference is now I’m playing with different guys. And I’m really, really happy.”

“I do believe that Ripper Owens is the best metal singer. He has the best, best voice on the planet today. He’s even better now than he even ever was. He’s great, and he needs to be acknowledged as that. And that’s why with this band, we all have the platform to continue something, hopefully, that will continue and be well respected and certainly something I think the fans will really enjoy the genuineness and the legitimacy of what we do,” K.K. Downing said.

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2,– Mexico City, MX – Life After Death Horror Fest

March (2024)

2-7, 2024 – Monsters of Rock Cruise

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