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Joey Belladonna says he would accept to be the vocalist of Journey

Joey Belladonna
Photos from Joey Belladonna's Instagram and Mike Savdia

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Joey Belladonna says he would accept to be the vocalist of Journey

Joey Belladonna first joined Anthrax in 1984 and was the band’s vocalist until 1992 for the first time. He returned in 2005 and since then has been touring and recording with the group. But when the Thrash Metal band is not on the road he usually takes his Journey tribute group “Beyond Frontiers” out.


In an interview with 100 FM The Pike (Transcribed by Blabbermouth) he was asked if he would accept the job as Journey’s vocalist one day if the chance existed. The musician said he would totally accept the offer and recalled the had the chance to perform with the drummer Dean Castronovo once.

Joey Belladonna says he would accept to be the vocalist of Journey

“No (They never asked me to join), and I’ve jammed with the… Many times I’ve done the crew soundcheck, and I’ve spent many days with the band overall. I don’t even wanna go into it, but we did a lot of stuff together here and there on shows that they did over the years.”

“So, and I know ’em and I’ve been touch with Deen (Castronovo) a lot. But no, no one’s ever really asked me about joining or anything like that, which would’ve been interesting.”

“You know, I would definitely be really interested in doing that. That would be great. Not that I think that that’s gonna happen, but, yeah, it would be great. I’d love that challenge. It would be great.”

In the same conversation Belladonna said that he had always been a huge Journey fan and even liked the band before the legendary singer Steve Perry joined them.

“Well, I’ve been singing Journey stuff throughout the years, but never had a band that I thought that would be, you know, willing to do it correctly and lengthy like where I could keep it going. I’ve always liked the music so much. I’ve owned all the music.”

“I liked Journey long before Steve (Perry) even came. I have all those records, so I was really into the band a lot. But of course, when Steve came along, I was down with singing that live somewhere. And (I) just put it together and said I wanted to do a whole night of it. I just thought it would be fun, and it looked like a blast. And we do have a blast doing it,” Joey Belladonna said.

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