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Joe Elliott says he would like to record more with Tobias Forge

Joe Elliott

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Joe Elliott says he would like to record more with Tobias Forge

Ghost recently released an special version of “Spillways” track from their 2022 album “Impera” featuring the legendary Def Leppard vocalist Joe Elliott. In an interview with NME, Elliott said that he would love to collaborate more with Ghost’s vocalist and mastermind Tobias Forge, especially writing something original with him.


Joe Elliott says he would like to record more with Ghost’s Tobias Forge

“It has come up in the last while, and I’d be more than happy to. Next time though, when we’ve both got some time off, I want us to actually find some neutral place where we can get together in a room with a little recorder, a couple of guitars, pen, paper, our brains, a bottle of wine and see what we come up with.”

“I would love to sit down and write a song with the guy because it would be fun. That’s our morning word, ‘Fun’. I don’t want to do it for a job, I just want to write together to see what we’d get. I want to play around and see where it goes,” Joe Elliott said.

The musician said in an interview with Metal Hammer in 2022 that the new Ghost record was is his “got-to album” at the time. He even downloaded the record onto his Apple Watch, that according to him has only a few albums.

He also compared the intro track of the album “Imperium” to what bands like Metallica and Thin Lizzy already did on some of their classic albums.

I listened to it all, and I thought it was absolutely stunning. It’s like a whole new genre of music. So It’s way more Toto than death metal or any of that stuff. It’s like the song ‘Spillways’. It starts off like ‘Hold The Line’ by Toto or ‘Jane’ by Jefferson Starship. One of those classic 70s songs that begin on the piano before these big, chunky chords come in,” Joe Elliott said.

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