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Guitarist Gary Moore and the 13 musicians that inspired him the most

Gary Moore


Guitarist Gary Moore and the 13 musicians that inspired him the most

Gary Moore is considered one of the best guitarists of all time that after leaving Thin Lizzy was responsible to revive the Blues music in his solo career. In an interview with All Out Guitar back in 2007, the guitarist revealed some of the the musicians that inspired him.


Gary Moore said about the 13 musicians that inspired him the most:

Hank Marvin (The Shadows)

“When I started off, it was Hank Marvin (The Shadows). I was only about ten years old, so that was in the early sixties, sixty-two and sixty-three.”

George Harrison (The Beatles)

“Then The Beatles came along, so obviously George Harrison.”

Eric Clapton (In John Mayall)

“Then the big turning point for me was the Eric Clapton with John Mayall album, like a lot of people of my generation. The Bluesbreakers’ Beano album. It blew me away completely. I borrowed my friend’s copy because I couldn’t afford to buy it. I wore that out and scratched the shit out of it just learning the solos.”

Peter Green (In John Mayall)

“‘A Hard Road’ came out after that, with Peter Green. That was another great moment.”

Mick Taylor (In John Mayall)

“Then Mick Taylor came out on ‘Crusade’, and that was great.”

Jeff Beck (With The Yardbirds)

“Jeff Beck was on the scene, and the Yardbirds”

Jimi Hendrix

Then Jimi Hendrix. That whole sixties period was a great time for guitar and for young kids to be playing guitar. You had all of these incredibly unique guitar players with very strong identities and all great in their own way. I’m kind of a collection of all those guys really. Somewhere along the line it becomes you, if you’re lucky. They were my main influences. But in the seventies I moved on to all kinds of stuff.”

“I was listening to John McLaughlin, Bill Connors with Chick Corea’s Return to Forever. So I liked a lot of that stuff. I liked being in the area with a lot of that fusion stuff. I love Django Reinhardt. Obviously, all of the blues players, B. B. King, Freddie King. Otis Rush I loved very much. Albert Collins, Albert King, all of those guys really.”

Django Reinhardt

B.B King

Albert Collins

Freddie King

Otis Rush

Albert King

Gary’s Death

Irish guitarist Gary Moore died on February 6, 2011 and the news was confirmed by Adam Parsons, manager of the group Thin Lizzy, in which Moore played. At the time the Irish Times newspaper revealed that the musician was found dead in a hotel in the city of Estepona, Spain.

He was on vacation, according to the publication. The cause of death was revealed only one year later. The results of the guitarist’s blood tests. According to The Telegraph, Gary had 380 milligrams of alcohol per deciliter of blood.

The measure is 30 milligrams bigger than the common cause of fatalities. The number is close to that found in Amy Winehouse, which was 416 milligrams when found dead, for example. The experts’ conclusion is that the musician suffered a heart attack caused by excessive drinking.

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