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Great Forgotten Songs #131 – Kiss “Creatures Of The Night”

Kiss creatures of the night


Great Forgotten Songs #131 – Kiss “Creatures Of The Night”

“Creatures of the Night” is a song by Kiss, released as the first single from their 1982 album of the same name. It was only released in the UK, where it reached #34. The song was written by Paul Stanley and Adam Mitchell in Mitchell’s kitchen.


It is not clear who plays what on the track but it is assumed that bass was not played by Gene Simmons, but Mike Porcaro who would later play with American rock band Toto. Lead guitar was not played by Ace Frehley as he was not musically involved with the album and it was not played by Vinnie Vincent either; it was played by Steve Farris, who would go on to be the lead guitarist of the 1980s pop rock group Mr. Mister.

Adam Mitchell also played in the final version of the song, replacing Stanley on rhythm guitar in the middle and end of the song.

Hear the song below:

Creatures of the Night is the 10th studio album by Kiss, released in 1982. It was the band’s last for Casablanca Records, the only label for which Kiss had recorded up to that point.

The album was dedicated to the memory of Casablanca founder and early Kiss supporter Neil Bogart. Who had died of cancer during the recording sessions. It is also the band’s last album recorded with Ace Frehley credited as an official member. Also their first album with Vinnie Vincent as the initially-uncredited lead guitarist. Vincent would later be credited but not featured on the cover of the 1985 reissue of the album).

It was also Kiss’ last album to feature the band with their trademark makeup until Psycho Circus was released.

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