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Gene Simmons shows his $25 million mansion that is for sale

Gene Simmons

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Gene Simmons shows his $25 million mansion that is for sale

Kiss bassist and singer Gene Simmons explained in an interview with KTLA 5 Morning News why he won’t live in Los Angeles, California anymore. The musician revealed he bought a new house at the Lake Tahoe, in Nevada. Simmons and his wife Shannon Tweed recently gave Entertainment Tonight a tour of their Los Angeles mansion, which is on the market for $25 million.


Gene Simmons shows his $25 million mansion that is for sale

“Our beautiful home in Beverly Hills on two acres, about 14,000 square feet, swimming pool, back rubs whenever you want — all the accoutrement, which is my French word of the day — we’ve loved this house and we’ve loved L.A. for so long. We’ve raised our two kids, who’ve now moved on and bought their own homes in the Hollywood Hills.”

“It’s time for Shannon and I to move out of L.A. and California. So we’re moving to Lake Tahoe, Nevada. In the meantime, it’s a very sad but also a happy time. It’s sad because we raised our kids in this gorgeous home, but it’s also a happy time because it’s the next phase. So no more celebrity tour buses at the front door, no more Hollywood star maps.”

“A home, a house, it’s more than property and all that — it’s our home; it’s where our kids are raised. And so I really hope the folks who buy this home are gonna get as much joy as we have in this. It’s like graduating high school or maybe leaving home; you love your mom and dad, and at some point, you’ve gotta move on. This is the next phase.”

Last fall, he announced he was going to sell his Beverly Hills for $22 million. However, after that he relisted the place for $25 million after it never sold and he reportedly invested a lot of money in making improvements.

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