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From Walmart to Coachella: boy who went viral sings at the festival

Yodel kid at coachella


From Walmart to Coachella: boy who went viral sings at the festival

Mason Ramsey is an 11-year-old boy who has quickly become a sensation in the USA. The talented young man was filmed singing at a Walmart in the city of Golconda, which has 700 habitants, and viralized due to his skills with yodeling, a rather peculiar singing form involving rapid changes of bass and treble.


A video posted on YouTube two weeks ago shows its performance in the market, has grown to 16 million views and has several remixes, making it one of the biggest memes on the Internet in 2018.

Take a look:

But things got a little bigger than he’s used to, and after playing Hank Williams’ “Lovesick Blues” for a few people in the Walmart corridors, he did the same for thousands of them on the Coachella stage.

Several videos of “yodel boy” at the festival have been made available and can be seen below.

Check it out:

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