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Dokken releases new song “Gypsy”


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Dokken releases new song “Gypsy”

Formed in Los Angeles, California back in 1978, Dokken achieved fame in the 80s as part of the Glam Hard Rock and Heavy Metal scene. The band that nowadays has only one original member, the vocalist Don Dokkenannounced their 13th studio album that will be called “Heaven Comes Down”.


The group recently released their second single called “Gypsy” and an official video for the track. The complete record will be out next October 27.

Besides Don Dokken, the band is formed by Jon Levin (Guitar – Since 2003), Chris McCarvill (Bass – Since 2015) and Bill “BJ” Zampa (Drums – Since 2019).

Hear the new Dokken song “Gypsy”


Don Dokken talked about the new record in an official statement, saying: “While writing the new record, we had written a lot of music, but I sometimes got stuck with the lyrics so I decided to go camping” explains Don Dokken. “I came across a woman wearing a lot of necklaces and jewelry. She was driving an old wagon with one horse and she was stuck in a hole, I asked her if she needed help but she said ‘no the sun will be up soon’. She had a fire going and invited me to have some food that was cooking in an old pot, so I did and we began to talk.”

“She spoke in broken English and looked Navaho” continues Don. “There is a reservation here in New Mexico. The first thing she said to me was ‘you make music’ and I was intrigued by that, so we sat there for several hours and talked, she looked very old yet wise.”

He continued:

“She told me about her life living on the reservation and I told her about my life. She told me I had lost my way, which I found funny since she seemed to be lost but wasn’t! It was pitch black, she looked up and said ‘the stars guide me’ and started speaking Navaho. I found the experience very surreal!”

Don concludes, “I got my jack out of my truck and lifted up her wagon, we both gathered a lot of rocks and filled the hole so she could get her wagon unstuck, and then she just walked away and started to drive off without saying a word, but then she shouted back to me and said ‘the sun is coming up… you need to go, the coyotes and mount lions will be hunting soon’… very wise advice!” Don Dokken said.

“Heaven Comes Down” tracklist

  1. Fugitive
  2. Gypsy
  3. Is It Me Or You?
  4. Just Like A Rose
  5.  I’ll Never Give Up
  6. Saving Grace
  7. Over The Mountain
  8. I Remember
  9. Lost In You
  10. Santa Fe

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