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Deep Purple lauches countdown clock to possible new album or song

Deep Purple 2021
Official photos from "Turning To Crime" hotsite

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Deep Purple lauches countdown clock to possible new album or song

Deep Purple launched a hotsite inside Ear Music’s (Their record company) domain called “Turning To Crime” with artificial mugshots of the members of the group and a countdown clock that will reach zero in October. In an interview with Anssi Herkkola back in 2020, bassist Roger Glover said that the band would try to make a new album in 2021.


“All this COVID situation has meant that we can’t tour. We’re twiddling our thumbs, really, for over a year, and the idea was to possibly go back in and do another album. And so we’re just working towards that. It’s so quick after we’d done the last album, [and] maybe that will spoil things, but we’re gonna try and do another album at some point next year. We’re experimenting with stuff,” Roger Glover said.

So “Turning To Crime” could be a new song or the title of a possible new album.


Deep Purple released the praised album “Whoosh!” back in August 2020.

in an official statement at the time, Ian Gillan talked about the album, saying: “It’s nice, to be honest. I feel like we’re back in the ’70s. There’s this energy that’s quite fascinating to me. How does it feel? It feels good because we had a lot of fun making this record.”

“We spent five or six days in Germany earlier this year. Then we went to Nashville for two and a half weeks where we did the writing and arrangements. It was remarkably quick. Then I rented a cottage on the banks of the Cumberland River, overlooking the Grand Ole Opry.”

“So I can hear the music floating from across the river until the early hours of the morning. And then I would sit up all through the night and write in this magical atmosphere. How do I feel? Pretty good. It’s nice when you finish a project and you’re happy with the result.”

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