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David Coverdale wants ex-Whitesnake members in farewell album

David Coverdale
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David Coverdale wants ex-Whitesnake members in farewell album

The Whitesnake vocalist and founder David Coverdale had to pause the band’s activities so that he could take care of his health and he still doesn’t know when he will be able to be back on the road to say goodbye to the fans one last time. But in an interview with Totally 80s (Transcribed by Blabbermouth), the musician said that he would like to have ex-Whitesnake members in a “farewell” studio album he would like to record.


During more than four decades of existence the line-up of the band was nevers stable and the only constant member is Coverdale. However, many incredible musicians were part of the band, some of them who are still alive being Ian Paice (Drums), Neil Murray (Bass), John Sykes (Guitar), Aynsley Dunbar (Drums), Adrian Vandenberg (Guitar), Rudy Sarzo (Bass), Vivian Campbell (Guitar), Steve Vai (Guitar) and Doug Aldrich (Guitar).

David Coverdale wants ex-Whitesnake members to be part of a farewell album

“I’m soon to be talking with my band about the idea of a farewell Whitesnake studio album and to invite some former members to participate to make it more complete — Adrian (Vandenberg) perhaps, Doug Aldrich, see if they would wanna come in. Michael Devin — all people I adore, and to see how it would go. But I think rather than just farewell to this current chapter, it’s farewell to a lot of guys that have been involved. It could be interesting.”

“I’ve got Joel (Hoekstra) coming in soon and see what music he has there. These guys are really inspiring to me. I’m not interested in trying to do it on my own. It’s a collaborative band thing. I see the big picture. I want the best for all of them,” David Coverdale said.

Whitesnake was formed in 1978, two years after Deep Purple came to an end for the first time. Coverdale formed the group and the line-up of the first album “Trouble” (1978) had Micky Moody (Guitar), Bernie Marsden (Guitar), Neil Murray (Bass) and Jon Lord (Keyboards).

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