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Creedence’s John Fogerty talks about the Covid-19 pandemic

John Fogerty

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Creedence’s John Fogerty talks about the Covid-19 pandemic

Creedence Clearwater Revival‘s singer and guitarist John Fogerty talked about the currently Covid-19 pandemic and said that he doesn’t want to risk his life for the economy. The musician talked about the crisis in an interview with Rolling Stone.


John Fogerty said about the Covid-19 pandemic:

“The coronavirus is so real and so scary and life-threatening. I haven’t seen yet a solution that will work until we get a vaccine. And I guess I’m more patient than some. I keep telling my family, if it was lions and tigers roaming out there, you could see that, so that prepares you psychologically, so you realize you don’t want to go out there and be reckless.”

“All of this opening-up talk is pretty scary to me. I’m afraid we’re probably end up going backwards. And I don’t want to be the guy who contributes to that. You go do a concert with 10,000 people, and then find out afterwards that some of them died?”

“I don’t think any of us will really be ready until after we have a vaccine and people feel safe again. I’m an older person, and a lot of people my age have died. Maybe some other guy thinks it’s a good idea, but I’m not dying for Donald Trump. I’m not dying for the economy. How can you have any kind of a crowd?”

75th birthday

He recently celebrated with his kids his 75th birhtday at the Dodger stadium in Los Angeles, California. Playing his solo career classic “Centerfield”. The song is a baseball stadium anthem.

“Well, as a youngster i’ve dreamed on playing baseball. Baseball was certainly my favorite thing as a child. I’ve dream on playing centerfield. And on my 75th birthday here we are at Dodger stadium to play “Centerfield” with my family. It’s going to be awesome. Put me in coach, i’m really to play!” said Fogerty.

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