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Creedence’s Doug Clifford talks about his new solo album “Magic Window”

Creedences Doug Clifford talks about his new solo album Magic Window

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Creedence’s Doug Clifford talks about his new solo album “Magic Window”

The legendary Creedence Clearwater Revival drummer Doug Clifford talked in an exclusive interview with Rock And Roll Garage’s Rafael Polcaro about his new solo album “Magic Window”. Although best known as a drummer, Clifford’s been singing, writing songs and making music for as long as he can remember. The record that was made in 1985 and updated in 2020 is already available in all streaming platforms and CD. Besides playing the drums he sings on all the tracks.


The songs on Magic Window took shape organically, over several years. When it was time to record, Clifford invited three friends to his home studio for the freewheeling sessions. They were: Russell DaShiell (Lead and rhythm guitars, synthesizer and sang harmonies), Chris Solberg (Bass and keyboards). In addition to Rob Polomsky (Added rhythm guitar to several tracks).

Doug Clifford talks with Rock And Roll Garage about his new album “Magic Window”.

In a way can we say that this is an album that combines the 80’s with 2020?

It was recorded in 1985. But the good news is that there is a freshness to it and it sounds like it was just recorded last month.

Talking about the track “Don’t Let Go”. It is a motivational song and i believe probably many fans tell you how your music helped them through difficult times. Or even motivated them to make a dream come true. How you feel when you hear a story like that?

Doug Clifford drums

“I would say my own story about my dream coming true because it’s still coming true every day. Because it makes other people happy.”

The world and music are certainly very different compared to 1985. In relation to the music industry (musicians and composers), do you think it has evolved or regressed?

“Oddly, it’s done both. The internet changed the album world of record companies and record sales to singles. You don’t have to buy an album if you only like one song, you can just buy the one song. That reduced the sales of albums greatly which has changed the economic balance in the market place.”

And comparing 1985 to 2020, what are the main differences in Doug Clifford? In personal life and in music?

“I’ve gotten older. (laughs). Hopefully wiser. I appreciate each new day more than the day before. Grandchildren always make things better.”

What was the main difference between recording your first solo album and Magic Window?

“The first solo album was an experiment to see if we could convert Cosmo’s Factory into a recording studio by using a remote recording vehicle. Magic Window I was the artist and I paid more attention to the art and not the science of the project.”

Could you talk about the Covid-19 situation, what are you doing during quarantine? Also, do you think live concerts will ever be the same?

“My wife and I stayed sequestered at home for months and socially distanced. We wear masks and stay inside. The good news is I can work on music in the house. Once there is a vaccine, things will start getting back to normal but it will take a long time before we have those carefree days of going to listen to music and not worrying about catching a disease.”

Hear Doug Clifford’s new song “Magic Window”:

Magic Window tracklist:

  1. Magic Window
  2. Born on the South Side
  3. Don’t Leave Me Alone Tonight
  4. Somebody Love Me Tonight
  5. Hungry For Your Love
  6. Just Another Girl
  7. Love Mode
  8. Fallin’ For You
  9. Don’t Let Go
  10. You Mean So Much to Me

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