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Carmine Appice explains why people shouldn’t listen to music via streaming

Carmine Appice

Classic Rock

Carmine Appice explains why people shouldn’t listen to music via streaming

The drummer Carmine Appice first achieved fame as a member of Vanilla Fudge back in the 60s and worked in the following decades with a huge number of artists from various music genres. Some of them were Ozzy Osbourne, Jeff BeckRod Stewart and Pink Floyd.


So he had the chance to see the evolution of the music business up close and he is not happy with the streaming platforms. The musician explained in an interview Toilet Ov Hell (Transcribed by Blabbermouth), why people shouldn’t listen to music via streaming platforms. He is currently promoting the new Cactus album called “Temple of Blues – Influences & Friends”.

Carmine Appice explains why people shouldn’t listen to music via streaming

“Keep pushing this album. That’s what we need. And keep telling people to buy it and don’t Spotify it. Buy it on iTunes. Buy it on Amazon. Because musicians get screwed on Spotify. I will never, ever play a song on Spotify,” Carmine added. “If I want a song, I’ll buy it on iTunes. I did it already a few times. I heard a song — on YouTube, I heard it, and I said, ‘I’m gonna buy that.’ And I bought it. And I heard another one and I bought it.”

“That’s the way to do it, ’cause that keeps the musician alive and making money and working. Otherwise, the only way a musician can make any work or money is to tour and do touring and merchandise. Lucky for me, knock on wood, I started a long time ago.”

“All my big money was made. And I used it and made investments, so I’m sitting okay. But a lot of musicians are starting on Spotify. And they once said, ‘Well, Spotify is like radio.’ I said, ‘No, it isn’t. Radio, you get paid for it,'” Carmine Appice said.

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